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  • squidunker008 squidunker008 Nov 20, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    Opinion Poll: Chance of Deal Voted Down

    What do you all think with repect to the chance that the shareholders vote "no" on the deal - and it fails?
    I am a private, individual investor. My opinion = none chance. I have seen very few of these not go through in 30 plus years as an individual investor. Takedowns and lowballs are the new thing - unless HPQ bids for you!! We individuals cumulatively never add up, and the big holders were probably already taked to - get taken care of another way (side deal) - and are short term anyway.

    If anybody out there manages professionally and controls a large holding - I.D. your post as such if you can stay annonomous and not jeopordize your job.


    Sentiment: Hold

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    • I hope, but doubt that the shares owned by the conflict of interest principals in this "ripoff" of the retail investors, can out vote them with a Good over Evil vote of "NO"!

      How will you folks be voting?

      I'll be voting NO!

      If the acquisition is approved, and we sell before the close, we will probably NOT BE intitled to any fees and fines that are assessed against the buyer and the so-called "negotiators" at ACOM and Spectrum.

      They're all self serving crooks, and I hope that they suffer substantial fines and some jail time!

      Do any of you believe that the people in the negotiations broke the law or committted fraud under SEC rules?

    • There is virtually zero chance this does not get voted through (given holdings by Spectrum, mgmt etc.) There is a very small chance the deal does not go through due to "adverse market condition"...(i.e. if the Dow drops 2,000 points) as there is usually a whole series of these kinds of clauses to protect someone from having to go through with a deal they might be able to get at 20% less if the market falls apart. The other microscopic chance would be if something turned out to be amiss at the company and was discovered or if the company's next Q showed a "material adverse change." That is why most people are selling at $31.30-$31.50 the past week. Take the sure money and avoid higher tax on gain in 2013 and invest in something that might go higher, whereas this is truly "dead money." $.50 upside and IF the deal should crater for any reason $4+ downside.