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  • iamnathan iamnathan Dec 8, 2012 2:35 AM Flag

    Vote NO DEAL! Tell Permira, Spectrum, Tim Sullivan and Howard Hochhauser to DROP DEAD and GO TO HELL!

    Ancestry's CEO and President, Tim Sullivan, and the CFO/COO, Howard Hochhauser, will both retain the majority of their equity stakes in the Company after the deal closes.

    They will continue to share in the success of the company, while we are sold out for a price per share that is less than the 52 week high.

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    • You clearly don't have a clue and are spewing ignorance! Read the background of the deal and you will discover that with 11 bona fide parties interested, AFTER they did their due diligence, no one wanted to step up to the plate even at $32. The reason they are retaining their equity stakes is that they are rolling them over to facilitate the overall buyout, otherwise you wouldn't even be getting $32. Take your money and be thrilled. If the deal craters the stock will drop like a stone because the company obviously has major issues going forward...which is why they couldn't convince anyone else to even go to $31.50. Schmuck!

    • You clueless fellow - the shareholders voted YES

    • I'm interested to see how the public unveiling of their new DNA product is going to affect revenue. As a user, I am getting matches ALL THE TIME from people who don't even have family trees on the site. At $150 a pop, these tests have to be positively affecting ACOM's revenue stream. Too bad the last earnings report came out BEFORE they rolled it out. I agree with iamnathan, $32 a share seems VERY low.

      I voted "NO" with my 1000 measly shares.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Got my proxy vote materials via email last week(?). Voted no on all questions.
      Just knowing that there was a 52-week high out there that was more than the buy-out price is enough to raise some red flags.

      Sentiment: Hold