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  • bulsandbares bulsandbares Dec 3, 2012 7:34 AM Flag

    This company is in big trouble


    4 straight years of losses
    $9,600,000,000.00 of debt (thats BILLION)
    $5,200,000,000.00 of underfunded pension liabilities (that's BILLION)

    And now laying off employees at their only profitable segment of their business because of poor sales and business conditions. US Steel is in big trouble. The share price will reflect it over the next six months.

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    • The mass exodus of Institutions Selling 25 Million shares of stock equals 33% percent of Institutions support is GONE ! The points you bring up plus the declining Sales / High Cost to produce steel / over capacity plus the pension liabilities will bring X another Coal in the Christmas stocking !!!

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    • Institutional Selling causing a 32% Drop in their shares also is reason to question were is this company headed ? What is management doing to correct the problems facing X ? How come the analysts following X are dropping the EPS Trends ?

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    • How come the SALES are Dropping at X ? How come the Net Income is all in parentheses for the last 3 years that show here on Yahoo Finance ? How come the EPS Trends have been SLASHED By HUGE % ? All the clouds forming over X are darkening .... looks like a storm ahead !!!

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    • Sales are falling to new lows as who would have thought 2012 would be harder for X to overcome than 2011 !!! EPS Trends SLASHED from 1 / 2 / 3 months ago telling the story of what is coming !!!

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    • $2.154B net income for the period ending 2008, and hence, in the last three years, they have struggled, yes, though they are still ahead $218M in the last four years.

      Can you moronz even read a balance sheet? Income statement?

      Still waiting on the help for where the underfunded pension plan is on the quarterly statements, bareback? Any clue yet?

    • Is it really only 4 straight years ? It seems like a decade of LO$$E$ as X has extremely high Costs to manufacture its Steel ! I guess the Street really sees the same things we see but then again we don't have the Rose colored glasses the Mindless Pumpers have on !!!

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    • Just to clue all in (all 8 people who read this board), bareback mountain believes she's on the right side of this trade, and believes in David Training-Wheels so much that she shorts blindly, believing $10 is even achievable, when X is already trading below book.

      IOW, the board chicken little until she realizes $10 is a hook to give false security to retail short dreamers. It won't end pretty for her.

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