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  • benniethebankster benniethebankster Dec 10, 2012 8:35 AM Flag

    Tony Dingleberry is a FARGIN' LIAR - lol A flat-out lying twink


    Dingleberry's "edited" version of the Enbridge "STORY" --- "Part of the plan includes building a 265- kilometre pipeline ****** to be supplied by U.S.Steel *****, between Flanagan, Ill., south to Patoka, Ill.,"

    The ACTUAL story --- "Part of the plan includes building a 265-kilometre pipeline between Flanagan, Ill., south to Patoka, Ill....."

    Anybody see "US STEEL's name in the actual write-up? lol lol I don't.

    This dilllldo Dingleberry is the biggest liar on the web...

    Hey steelnutz, what say you? Aren't you the clown here that won't tolerate edited news stories to advance one's agenda? lol lol Speak up cupcake, speak up!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • It seems like you've been drinking from your colostomy bag again, gramps. All you talk is chit, lately.

      Please, try not to embarrass yourself again and again.

      Everyone knows both sides are editing to further their agenda. I sincerely enjoy beating bareback into the ground. It's clear she has no clue, and is a follower of David TrainingWheels.

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