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  • jimmiecreamers jimmiecreamers Apr 4, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    Commodity Crash coming in May


    If you are long any commodity related equities you best sell them before it happens. All commodities are going to plunge in May. And so will the equity markets. Watch and learn.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I have been seeing this too for a long time. Though I still am stuck with a couple long term items, and I used to invest & trade heavy in 80's thru 90's, I am mostly sidelined these days watching events and news and other things that simply make no dammn sense going on...

      Why gold (or silver for that matter) has seemingly been "held back" last 3 years is one thing despite very real truth of US economy or global turmoils.

      Then I see US (and global ones too) steel corps all going down into low $$ ranges too and yet the Fed keeps putting adds and news out everything is better though I know they are pumping $85B + monthly into markets to create this false image we are seeing and only into a few major cap stocks- not all stocks across board....

      Then I see last 3 weeks of UE numbers actually worse than estimated by the "experts", yet the DOW climbs right back up???? We have 16Million+ people now getting total disability checks monthly and Feds report this as "earned income/jobs" and not as "unemployed folks". Then we have 1 in 4 on foodstamps and cohabitation occurring at record rates, yet news even today states economy getting stronger and housing rising in 47 states and values increasing, etc etc etc... Am I in Disneyland here in NC where we live, or is another euphoria of stupid proportions taking place en masse in America?? Less people working, lower wages, many homes still in foreclosure and upside down, more people on welfare than ever, yet US economy better than 4 years ago even????

      Now EBT welfare debit cards accepted for any kind of purchases and not just for food any longer? Obama came out saying he wants banks to lend more and now FHA requirements to sit at only 3.5% down (not the 10% Obama's people touted in 2008 was to become required then), and now FHA to accept FICO's as low as 500 to grant mortgages too???!!! Does this all not bother others out there??? And FHA now covers homes up to $675,000.00 level!!!

    • Canada oil sands stocks are all getting wiped right off the map in 4 months of straight selling. Suncor and name it all down over 50% and falling more every day. World oil is in weak demand mode. All stocks are going to crash hard very soon. World recovery is total BS.

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