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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 18, 2013 9:24 AM Flag



    First I seriouly doubt you have $53K that you could
    mustard up to short even 1000 shares of X.

    Second,If it were a fact that you do,then you're a bonehead
    if you had or have a profit of $35K and didn't take it!

    You're far from being a trader,you're what's know as a
    rollercoaster rider and those types "always lose in the end".

    People that truly make profit in the market,don't get on message
    boards and constantly blow off about it,I see you as a wannabe
    that isn't and most likely never will be,you enjoy fencing with the
    people here,calling them names instead of making money.

    If that's your pleasure fine,but stop pretending to be a super trader.

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    • The guy has stated his position since the summer meltdown from well over 2 years ago...
      Your new here..
      I will put it up... I had puts at 50 strike on that earnings report and got stung on aks n x..
      He was short...why he is still short wbo knows.. I would cover n walk..
      Bottom line.. Hes been right for a long time.. Same with Austro poster..
      The hard part is cruising these boards with delusional longs and traders the last two years...
      Then robo poster engel mogey and posse..... This board is a fn joke... But is what it is

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