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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 25, 2012 7:22 AM Flag

    New Brand of Shorts on this Board

    One guy calls us queers, another says we're all white guys who are #$%$, another guy warns us to be a real man is to be a Chuck Norris.

    I don't know what world these clowns live in, but you don't take a karate chop to a gun fight, and if all the guys that buy guns are white guys with sexual inadequacy problems, white guys are about 45% the population. Me? I'm ALWAYS worried about my sexual prowess. You never know when it's going to be rough to be a standup kind of guy.

    In a business world where market share counts, half of 90% -- that's a pretty startlingly large demographic, I got a lot of trouble figuring out why that would be a minus for anyone looking to go long this stock if half the population was pro gun. And with some of the ladies present, it probably is closer to 75%--what is that THREE HUNDRED MILLION customers?

    Gotta watch that namecalling, shorty, you never know what you might be saying.

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    • Proving yet again that stock traders are on this board and they don't know anything about the NRA, Chuck's avid support of the NRA, Chuck's editorials on why it is important to be able to defend yourself, or who the real enemy is...

      Good job!

      Maybe you should do some research before you go long. I'd love to have you along for the trip up, but you seem to be investing in something you know very little about.

      Let's take a quiz to see if you are qualified to say anything about the current debate, with any authority above a 5th grader (like the show 'are you smarter than a 5th grader').

      Who originally designed the AR15?
      What company designed it?
      What company bought the design from them?
      What caliber was the original design?
      What does the AR in AR15 stand for?
      How does the AR10 fit into the history of the AR15?
      What was the original materials it was made of?

      Now on to some other interesting questions...
      The previous Assault ________ ban was signed into law in what year? (fill in the blank and give the year)
      Were most .50 caliber military sniper rifles banned according to that law?
      Were there any handguns included?
      How does an AR15 differ from an M16 mechanically?
      Would Ruger's SR556 be banned according to the previous law?
      What is the difference between an Assault Weapon (as defined by that law) and an Assault Rifle as is commonly defined?

      Why is Chuck Norris an avid second amendment supporter and what life story does he use in speaking about why it is important to be able to defend yourself?

      When you can answer all those questions correctly, I'll take it as an apology for your remarks about my previous post. Until then, understand that you are just a trader who is upset that you bought too soon for the swing up, and most of us really don't care. We are long time supporters of the second amendment and of Ruger.

      Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
      Ruger SR556, Ruger LCR .38 spl, Springfield Armory 9mm XDM, Colt 1911 .45ACP Gold Cup

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