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  • billaknew billaknew Jan 15, 2013 3:09 PM Flag


    When the social security check isn't in the mail box, how many Republitards are going to be screaming bloody murder. Hmmmm... thought they didn't like social programs. They will tell you I EARNED IT. Well so did the men and woman 55 years and under. They too worked most of their life.... But you got yours so fk them, Right. Oh, and medicare??? Going to the doctor for every little thing... on the tax payers dime?? And you whine when someone NEEDS food stamps, unemployment insurance or rent assistance. . Thank your Rebublican friends for the late checks. Let them pay for the bills they ran up. will blame it on the President and the Democrats. And cry baby #$%$...

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    • Unemployment insurance tax is paid BY EMPLOYERS NOT YOU. Are you too dumb to know that?? Do you also know your employer (or are you a democrat mooch) has to MATCH YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO MEDICARE AND SS DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR. And who the hell ran up the debt from 10 trillion to now a projected 22 trillion by the end of his second term??? You talk like a idiot, but being an idiot you would talk like an idiot wouldnt you. I notice all the leftist communists use intelligent words like republitard to get their thoughtful intelligent points across. I guess they need more edumacation cyphering the alphabet. What a dork you are,.

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