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  • slapdonk slapdonk Jan 18, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    Obama saw huge increase in NRA membership, huge increase in gun sales, and he...PUNTED! LOL

    The poor man has enough work to do keeping his shell game afloat; decided he didn`t want to provoke massive civil unrest just yet.

    Meanwhile, I thought Al Qaeda was "on the run". It appears not. Just another lie from liverlips...

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    • All those recent gun sales. All those weapons being sold..... Having a gun now is a "fad" everyone has to have one or more. Kind of like when Harley Davidson could not make their "Junk" fast enough. Everybody HAD to have one. So many more guns in so many more hands. Soon many of these guns will get in the WRONG HANDS and we will see more murder, more gun accidents and yes, many of these weapons will be stolen. I't will happen. One more mass shooting and those 23 executive orders will only be a good start.

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      • billaknew: Your own elitist intolerance drips from your fangs. In the first place, I don`t own a motorcycle but I`m smart enough to know that Harley-Davidson does not make "junk". They wouldn`t have lasted long making "junk". I suppose you think it`s "junk" because you think only "rednecks" would have one.

        Now as to guns: What part of "shall not be infringed" don`t you understand? The most gun murders are in places like Chicago, Philadelphia, East St. Louis Illinois, Compton CA, Baltimore, etc., and they are committed by blacks using HANDGUNS that were not legally obtained. Seven percent of gun murders are committed with rifles. 93% with handguns. So do you propose to ban handguns?

        Interesting poll out today: 65% of Americans agree that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect the citizens against tyranny. Not hunting, not home defense, but tyranny. Only 17% disagree. 18% not sure.

        Obama`s 23 executive orders were not a "good start" on anything, which you would know if you had read them. One of them says: "Prosecute people who lie on background checks". That`s already a felony. Why aren`t they prosecuting NOW? And so on....

      • If what billaknew is saying is even a little bit true, which I don't think it is, It's all the more reason to own one if you seriously think about it. Seriously, how do people think that they can protect themselves from gun violence if nobody else has a gun but the criminal?

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