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  • jack.b841 jack.b841 Jan 20, 2013 1:32 AM Flag

    Many NRA members could care less about AR'S and high cap. mags

    As an NRA member, IMO, I say melt ALL assault rifles and high-cap mags. Only One of MANY NRA members who think these Items are useless.....Fire up the ovens. Won't take much,the junk is half plastic.

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    • AMEN.. leave the weapons in the hands of those who need them, police, military and special forces.

    • And by the way, the expression is: "COULDN'T care less"

    • I agree with you on Assult rifles, I can not figure out what all the hate is about. Some people think the government is going to land in their back yard in a Black Hawk Helicopter. Knock down their Door and take every weapon they own. These people think like a 3 year old.

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      • I am mad I can not buy the faster burning real black powder for my muzzleloader, but I can buy a stamped gun with 100 round mag. I canbuy a ton of fertilizer but not a 1 pound tin of black powder.

        At my gun store this weekend. It was packed with people and you could smell the fear and panic. Bunch of green horns, accidents waiting to happen, Wish the fear mongers would go away.

      • Get yer head out of yer you know what.


        Especially watch from 9:00 on.

        Chris, 45th Infantry Brigade, Delta Company, 1st of the 279, 2nd Platoon - Confiscated Guns during Hurricane Katrina

        They ran "night missions" in groups of trucks, they pulled up and "stacked" right on people's homes and broke into them and confiscated people's firearms "left and right". He gave a first hand witness report of a beautiful red headed lady who sat for 27 hours, on a curb, rocking herself back and forth, crying uncontrollably, who had been raped a multitude of times (allegedly) by men in New Orleans Police Department uniforms and masks. He mentions a couple of other women who were alleged rape victims of NOPD personnel as well. If people verbally resisted, they got "stuffed and cuffed" very violently and were thrown in the back of the "5 ton" or the "deuce and a half" and they would take them out to the Greyhound Bus Station. One man, in the French District, had a sign on his house that said "I'm here alone with my dog and my shotgun - Looters Beware" and they took his gun and left him alone (with his dog) and they all thought it was "funny". He says, "trust me there was no negotiating with us, if you resisted you died.....those were the orders. You give up your gun or you die."

      • don't know that Assault Rifles have been illegal for a few decades already, eh?

        It's not about whether a Blackhawk is going to land in my backyard. It's about the next generation, or the next, or the next, or the next, needing to defend themselves against tyranny.

        Let me guess, you are okay with loading down the country with debt too... after all, it's not you that will end up paying the bill... right?

      • tripods Jan 20, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

        Just live the usa and go to Britain.

      • Driven by fear. Cicken,........ BOC BOC BOC.

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