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  • fishfrydaddy fishfrydaddy Jan 23, 2013 7:31 AM Flag

    Ruger withdrawals from February Eastern Outdoor Sports Show in Harrisburg,PA

    I was looking forward to seeing the booth. I guess they're voluntarily going sub-terrain prior to the assault weapons ban or something? I held on to the RGR stock because I didn't think they even made assault weapons, guess I was wrong.

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    • I suspect the gun sales bubble is finally popping...

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      • wow you see an article today and now you say its popping you FOS

      • Ruger pulled out along with over 180 other vendors.....the promoters of the show started dictating what the vendors could and could not have at the show under the guise of keeping the show "family friendly". The vendors are pulling at great cost to themselves, as the fees paid already for the booths are not refundable. They are standing up for their principles and their rights! This show has always been very family friendly and I would be more concerned about my youngin's seeing the scantily clad women promoting items for the show, then having them see a few rifles that are being villianized today, or heaven forbid a 30 shot magazine....
        So... not only are many of the vendors pulling, but there are many people that would pay to enter the show that also will be boycotting the show.....someday the liberal left will realize that the gun toteing, rednecks, and the people that just want to defend themselves are NOT going to just roll over and go away!!

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