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  • destiny4u83 destiny4u83 Jan 28, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Suggestion to all conservative gun owners who vote

    Vote for democratic senators who vote down this gun legislation. They will be vilified in the media, they deserve to keep their seats for defending the 2nd Amendment, even against the Republican candidate as they are voting their conscience, and I will take that over party loyalty any day.

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    • Why would you choose to vote for someone who only supports gun rights out of necessity and not true belief. At the end of the day, and behind closed doors, a democrat is nothing but a democrat; support for one is support for all. The right answer is to get a cnadidate that supports your beleifs for real and not one that will lie to you to get elected.

      Right now the democrats are supporting Bama, as expected. Did you know that Bama has told ICE agents not to do their job? If they do they will be fired? Did you know that INS agents are suing Bama over this?

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      • John McCain. Nuff said. Let's talk about Republicans following their conscience. Of course, he is so worried that red states will go blue overnight. He is furthering their cause by agreeing with immigration reform, greasing the skids for illegals rather than continuing in principle to tighten laws. He forgot that the state he represents will turn against him. Realize that conservatives need to defend gun rights, period. Obama already has the hispanic vote tied up by turning away from deportations and tighter laws regarding the illegals. This is an issue that should have been addressed long ago, but conservatives have shot themselves in the foot by going soft trying to compete with democrats on their own level.

    • Why do you assume that Democrats against gun control are voting their conscience? Is it not more likely that they are just pandering to their constituents in their districts just as the Democrats who support gun control are pandering to theirs? Same for Republican politicians, whether tea party or traditional.

      I suspect politicians of both parties all know how ineffective any gun control legislation will be at reducing gun crimes.

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      • Yes, I agree on those points entirely. However, can you imagine the pressure blue dog democrats from gun states may be under to vote for gun control? The media is almost entirely slanted left and would make a point of those senators voting against it. You are correct that they get away with everything as long as their agenda is being defended. Dems may desert them for voting against, and certainly they should be rewarded for voting for it. Reps can almost certainly be counted on to vote their party line 100%. In my view it takes more courage to swim against the tide than with it. After all, the second amendment supports all the others.

    • When was the last time a democrat was villified in the media? Hear much about Menendez? How about Hillary Clinton?

      So, you're saying that the 2nd amendment (or gun control) is the most important issue? A democrat can get this one right while getting everything else wrong? This logic is just as bad as those selling their vote for an Obammaphone.

      Single issue voter? No wonder Obamma was reelected.

      How about supporting those who defend the Constitution regardless of a little letter next to their name?

      This is nothing but hysteria to take the peoples attention away from the real issues that are coming down the road.

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      • I cannot argue about Democrats being villified in the Media, they just are not.

        As you so accurately stated, that a 2nd Ammendment Liberal (Democrat) usually has "other fish to fry" namely entitlements which translates to higher taxes and an ever increasing National Debt for those of us who work.

        What re-elected Barry...imo. is the 47% of the Country on assistance of some kind, plus the women who voted for him "just for his oratory" to quote Walter Williams.

        I do believe that the 2nd Ammendment helps assure that the rest of the Bill of Rights is upheld by the Government.....although this Administration seems to ignore the Constitution whenever it feels the need.

        The real issues down thw road, my lord, are not being addressed by either party in a manner serious enough that will keep up from going over "The Real Cliff" that is looming down the financial road.

    • Good advice destiny. GOP party loyalty is a waste of time, as the Speaker #$%$ has shown us. He has tried to defang the Tea-Party ever he became speaker. Just another lifetime Washington politician. There is only the "Party of Politics", with a right and left wing....imho.

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