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  • captainwho2 captainwho2 Apr 22, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    RGR is WAY undervalued based upon trailing metrics vs its Industry and Sector

    Desc_________________________________ttm P/E____5yr avg ttm P/E_____ttm EPS Growth vs prior ttm

    RGR Sturm Ruger & Co__________________13.5________12.9____________+72.1%
    Industry: Leisure Equipment & Products______20.6_______15.4_____________+3.78%
    Sector: Consumer Discretionary____________20.2_______32.3_____________+55.7%

    Certain couple of analysts are holding this down, the vocal ones that are chiming in through semi private Investors Notes that don't contain any real substance cause it is all pure speculation not based upon any gun show attendances or visits to gun shops to talk to owners, etc.. Probably politically motivated anti-gun company sentiment not based upon doing any serious homework.

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    • Scott Hamann is a principal at KeyBanc Capital Markets. According to the SEC Edgar filings, it is a brokerage house. It reports owning the following securities:

      US and Canadian government obligations-$ 203 million
      Corporate obligations-$201 million
      Money Market-$131 million
      Other securities-$32 million
      Stocks and warrants-$2 million
      TOTAL=$593 million

      In other words, KeyBanc Capital Markets owns plenty of bonds, but virtually no equities; Anybody out there who can correct me?

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      • I was hoping it would show that he was short RGR, but I guess since he is a sell side analyst, it would be his clients that would be short, and there's no way we'll ever know about that, I suppose.

        When Brian Rafn appeared on CNBC last Thu, they did say he was "one of the top 20 largest institutional shareholders of RGR". I guess they weren't kidding ! :-)

        Keep digging. Interesting stuff.

        PS: I'd be interested in knowing if Rommel Dionisio (sp?) of Wedbush has any long or short positions in RGR (or SWHC).

    • Brian Rafn is an analyst with Morgan Dempsey Capital Management. He is way,way long Sturm Ruger. Here are the most recent holdings, according to the 13F filings, as reported on the Edgar SEC web site:

      10/2012---206,565 shares
      1/2013--226,485 shares
      4/2013-242,130 shares

      Looks like he owns a lot of shares! When I get a chance, I'll look up some of the other analysts.

    • Can't lump RGR against Leisure Equpt. and Consumer Discretionary.....just meaningless.

      That's why RGR and SWHC are so hard to figure out. Glock holds their figures close to their chest and SWHC has always been all over the map on price and acquisitions. RGR will stand on its own. There is no comparable out there that is a public company.

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