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  • equity_360 equity_360 Sep 11, 2013 8:27 PM Flag


    Likely a leak that Ruger isn't involved in a Freedom acquisition ...
    Could the market be reacting to Colorado? You'd think that would have been an a.m. Gap up, not this sort of mvmt.

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    • The successful recall yesterday of the Colorado legislators who voted for restrictive gun controls is a big, big plus in my humble opinion. Sends a signal to the gun control freakies and those who want to abolish our Second Amendment rights. To hell with Bloomberg and the other control nutties.

    • Or its just moving to new highs because it deserves to. A close over $60 and we see $70 quickly. All good.

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      • But the question is what has made the market realize that it deserves to? We're quite a ways away from the earnings release so it seems to me we are departing from the typical way that RGR trades which is to run up into a near term catalyst and then sell off. We can't keep up at this trajectory right into earnings. It tickles me that Scott Hamann's last short attack had very short term effectiveness and has now been completely rejected, and at a time when some might have reason to believe that gun sales comps may be unable to continue to be positive relative to the surge. The last Adj NICS went negative YoY growth for the first time in ages. This may be entirely a case of the market pricing in the Mayodan expansion even though that won't be accretive for quite some time. It could also be a case of giving credit for the surge belatedly, but I doubt that.

        Anyway, how stupid does Hamann look now? Bwahahaha.

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