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  • je.starling je.starling Nov 6, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    LOL @ Bloomberg Article: "Sturm Ruger Falls as CEO Sees Chance of Gun-Sales Plateau"

    She basically took Fifer's comments out of context to try and paint as bleak a picture as possible, even though that's exactly the opposite of what Fifer was saying. Also, it's amusing that Sturm Ruger is no longer "falling" as it is now in the green for the day. The rally in the price action should scare the #$%$ out of the shorts.

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    • Even if he said anything about a "plateau" - that's just setting a modest expectation that will be beat.

      If Ruger thought sales would not continue to grow, would they be buying a new facility? No.

      The proportion of the population buying guns is up. 1st time buyers are up. Repeat buyers are buying more - and will increase that as the economy improves. And Ruger's market share is growing with their many new products. Basically, they are getting a bigger slice of a bigger pie.

      OH - and shorts - the short was an amazing 43% or so aout a year ago - now it's 'only' 32(?) %.

      Buy (on dips) and hold.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • The blatherings of "analysts" are often good for a laugh.
      You have to remember that if these nitwits actually knew anything about financial markets, they wouldn't be "analysts", they'd be making a bundle for themselves as investors. Pretty much by definition, anyone who has to make a living by working for Bloomberg or a bank doesn't know enough to make money in the markets.

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    • These lib analysts/journalists are moonlighting as Obama speech writers. I'd like to see a new TV awards show... "The Fibbies"..... But then there would be so many nominations who would sit through a 3 hr program. These a holes are so far detached from reality they wouldn't know a truthful statement if it bit them in the ars.

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