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  • yahslehcar yahslehcar Mar 4, 1998 6:05 AM Flag

    did you do THAT!


    I am long and interested in RGR, but for reasons not usually associated with owning equities. I simply like Ruger firearms, and own many. Bill Ruger will take his place in history along with Sam Colt and John Browning.

    I bought such a small position in the stock, that it really did not justify the commision. However, I have no intention of ever selling the shares.

    Happy hunting...

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    • I have a Standard & Poor's listing from Sept. 96 showing that the value of $10,000 invested 5 year previously was worth $46,059. I have never been in the hole with RGR which is more than I can say for most stocks I own. I got lucky and scooped up RGR at last years low.

      I own a few Ruger firearms myself. RGR is one of the few true manufacturing companys left in the USA.

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      • with the stock market at a all time high, a stock like RUGER is a nice place to be. no debt, a high return on equity, a fat dividend, heavy inside ownership, an a american orginal like BILL RUGER in charge. wait till this stock market returns to a normal pace and all the stockholders in RUGER will be smilling!

      • i truly enjoy trading stocks like rgr. tuesday it took a hit because people are scared that rgr will get hurt, because they also make clubs??? Or club heads??? For callaway golf, which got trounced because of el nino??? wall street takes things a little to far--as i think they have with rgr. next week one of the wall street boys will like rgr, and price will bounce back up.

    • I agree with your general sentiments about Ruger products and Bill Ruger, too. However, as an investment, if you like the stock and would like to accumulate slowly, how about contacting Investor Relations and lend support to a suggestion I made for a Dividend Reinvestment Plan? Thanks.

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