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  • yahslehcar yahslehcar Mar 11, 1999 12:57 PM Flag

    RGR should forget about the dividend, an

    That is the 5-shot .357 from RGR. Recently bought
    one for the Mother-in-law. It is built like a tank, &
    seems a bit heavy compared to other similar sized
    revolvers. In spite of the weight, it has a stout kick when
    shooting magnums. Much more pleasant to shoot with .38
    Specials. The gun was originally designed to shoot only
    .38s, but they realized the gun was strong enough for
    .357s. We keep the mother's loaded with .38 +p

    The SP101 is an excellent gun. But if you insist on
    shooting .357s, and don't intend to carry it daily, you
    might consider the GP100. The full size gun is easier
    to shoot accurately with the magnums.


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