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  • doorwindow doorwindow Oct 8, 2000 10:49 AM Flag


    The Turner Network aired Charleton Heston's
    "Soylent Greet" last week. This is a movie about America
    following several years of Democratic Party rule. Anyway,
    as they introduced the movie, they pointed out that
    they were only showing Heston because he did not
    become a conservative until later in life. In other
    words, the Kivtans of this country, once they gain total
    power, will not tolerate freedom of expression, let
    alone gun ownership. Shadow's warnings are based on
    fact, not on a negative attitude. Princeton University
    recently refused to print a professor's article because he
    was critical of Slick Willy. The Kivtans (read
    Democrats) want one-party rule, more government, no God, no
    Second Amendment, and no freedom. Well, I guess I will
    have my bowl of Soylent Green, compliments of the
    Democratic Party. Good morning, everyone! P. S. 45,000,000
    Kivtan-backed abortions so far - body parts, Soylent Green,
    population control, racial limiting. I guess the liberals
    know what they are doing. In the movie, Heston warns
    that our society is breeding people like cattle.
    Harvesting 45,000,000 children would seem to fit into the
    Democratic Party plan. Check out "Soylent Green" or read the
    book - Democrats in action.

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    • baltbear, there in the corner:

      I can tell
      from your message that you read something about
      Switzerland a few years ago. Things have changed quite a bit
      since then. You may want to do the board a favor and
      catch up.

    • DEYWAR--

      Nice comeback!!!????

      you did show me one thing by not honestly answering
      to or trying to openly respond to my comments or
      questions. "That

      Your--"Arrogance"--"Irresponsibility"--"Ignorance" and just plain--"Stupidity"!!!!

      response?? Appears to be nothing more than a simple means of
      trying to chastize, patronize and possibly

      What I should happen to know about "Switzerland" is
      really none of your concern!!!
      After all--I can
      always look it up on the internet and converse with
      people who claim to know what this "SOCIALIST" country
      is all about !!??? Or I could really challenge
      myself and walk over to the bookcase and pick out the
      "S" volume in an ancient text called an
      "Encyclopedia". Do you, for one happen to know what that is???
      I'm willing to bet--that you don't even know what a
      so-called "Good" book "IS" or even looks

      You made the comment---"We're "GLAD" you're ......."
      Question--Just who the hell is "We're"?????? I speak for myself,
      who do you speak for???????


    • Obviously, you KNOW absolutely NOT MUCH about sWitzerlAnd.
      We're "GLAD" you're staying home at NiGhT with your "WIFE" and kids.

    • DeyWar--

      I beg to differ about the end
      YES--The Swiss government did try an experiment about
      trying to legalize drugs, if I'm not mistaken they used
      the city of Zurich as their test bed. The situation
      became so openly blatant that the Swiss people-(yes wise
      people)-eventually demanded and I say "DEMANDED" that their
      government put an end to to the madness!!! The people

      "WHY" would anyone want to smoke the "Wacky Weed" or
      snort anything up their noses for that matter and then
      drive around town or on the freeway??? While we're at
      it, let's throw in booze!! If that's what you
      "PERSONALLY" like to do, than do it in the comfort of your own
      home and leave it there!!! I for one have no problem
      with that!!! After all, it is your "PERSONAL RIGHT"
      but when you choose to take your "right" into the
      public arena and then create a situation in which I or
      someone else loses their "PERSONAL RIGHT"--that being the

      That being the case can
      only mean one thing?? My/anyone elses most precious
      "RIGHT" was null & voided by your/someone elses
      stupidity/arrogance and irresponsibility!!!!!! Try to remember, that
      for each action there's an equal and opposite

      By the way--I happen to drive a Dodge,-(96)-
      shortbed pickup-(black & red)-all decked out with the
      bells & whistles with the Ram logo in the trailer
      hitch. All I ask, if that you see me on the
      highway/freeway please "HONK" so that I may have the time to pull
      into the breakdown lane and let you pass me by!!!!!

      My kids, my wife also have a "RIGHT", the "RIGHT" to
      have their father and husband home with them. My
      "RIGHT" to enjoy my family and each other, not for each
      to visit each other in a cemetary

      OOH!!-By all means we each have the "RIGHT" to seek each
      of our own "PURSUIT/S OF HAPPINESS". But where do
      "WE" draw the line when someone's perceived
      "HAPPINESS" turns someone elses into


      "GOD" bless and take



      Your not only on target, you
      hit the bulleye with every round

      You know what's really scary??? Just listen to the
      reasons why some people/sheeple are going to vote for
      NOW THAT"S SCARY!!!!


      "GOD" bless and take care.


    • assistant. His modern counterpart is algore, Dr.
      Clinton's assistant. Both are loyal body parts collectors
      for the master, building a new Frankenstein America,
      run by very powerful amoral grave diggers who regard
      the people as expendable. Egore had a hump in his
      back; algore has a hump in his moral character. Am I on
      target, Shadow? Speaking of humps, the master was humping
      everyone except the evil Hillary. I have to quit. I am
      scaring myself!

    • Who the hell is EEEEGORE?


      I'd like to begin by saying
      to all that I'm sorry. Sorry for allowing myself to
      fall behind in regards to all the latest

      I'd like to commend you for previous replies such as
      in post# 8151 and the one that I'm now refering

      Just for the sake of discussion--

      Mention has
      been made about "MORALITY & GOVERNMENT". My question,
      where does government get its morality??? IMHO it must
      come from the people itself!! If the people have
      allowed to divulge themselves of morality, how can
      government-(comprised of nothing more than people)- have "MORALITY"???
      Therefore, how can government even think about
      "forcing/dictating" morality upon its citizens when in itself is
      devoid of such!!!

      "MORALITY"-(such as with
      certain inalienable rights)--comes from and is based upon
      only one set of "RULES"-"PRECEPTS"-"LAWS"!!! THOSE OF

      All other so-called "LAWS" are immaterial!! Only
      because they are created by "MAN"!! And really have
      nothing to do with "MORALITY"!!!

      In regards to
      "RIGHTS"!! There are two sets--
      basically means that they were granted to all-by a Higher
      Being and cannot under any circumstance be taken
      away!!!)-.These are stipulated in-(not granted by)-and only
      protected by the "CONSTITUTION" itself!!!!!

      other is-"PERSONAL"-or commonly refered to as-"CIVIL"-.
      These are granted by "MAN". These laws are there for
      only one sole purpose, to either protect society from
      itself?? Or to control!!!???? The problem is, is that "WE"
      try to intertwine both sets of rules to justify our
      warped/evil/crazed/disallusioned sense of perception of what "WE" think should
      All the while turning ourselves into another "SODOM &

      "WE" continue to do so by allowing the
      branches of "OUR" government-(our so-called
      elected/appointed leaders)- to use and reinterpret the foundations
      of this nation for their own sole and evil

      "WE" just as well should simply rewrite
      the founding documents of this nation unto to a roll
      of toilet paper and flush it down the proverbial
      drain!!! Because, that's where this nation is going, down
      the drain!!!!

      When certain individuals, for
      whatever reason, start to advocate their agenda for
      "PERSONAL RIGHTS" one and all must take heed, one must not
      throw caution to the wind!!! When someone advocates for
      himself/herself certain "RIGHTS", it can only mean that in order
      to achieve such, others must give up their
      All of this being done under the guise of

      Be carefull my friends, learn to read between the

      VOTE FOR EEEGORE ON NOV. 7th!!!!!!??????


      "GOD" bless and take care.


    • Yea, deal hunter dude, stay out of Kivtan's face
      with your Christianity. Can't you see he is busy
      trying to embrace it while keeping the abortion mills
      humming? Don't you know nothin? Forget that Christ
      commanded us to teach his word. Kivtan ain't gonna listen
      to no darn preachin, and he sure ain't interested in
      your stupid facts.

    • I don't hate the Christian morality one bit - I
      embrace it.

      What I hate are those Christian
      zealots who want to FORCE their narrow Christian religion
      onto me. I want you to be free to practice and believe
      - BUT SORRY - get out of my face!


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