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  • hectorshelagh2001 hectorshelagh2001 Oct 12, 2002 7:20 PM Flag

    Porn will lead to DBS downfall!

    I predict that the growing number of porn channels on DBS (with more likely after the merger) will lead to implosion in the market.

    I'm kinda upset FCC'S Powell didn't make mention of all the porn that's available thru DBS.

    It's as if DBS is prostituting itself for the sake of the almighty (lowly) customer.

    Porn needs to go ... educational and religious channels need to increase!

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    • Firat of all HOW will porn cause an implosion.

      Second porn was not mentioned because it had nothing to do with the basis of the dscision.

      Third what channels do you want to see?

      Fourth this is an investment board. Why are you posting this here? Do you honestly think posts here change decisions in Littleton or El Segundo?

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      • If the company you own thru stock is persuing a course you think is wrong you certialy have a right to express it here and anywere else.I think their is a chance porn could be very hurtful to MY company if it is over exposed. [no pun] Regurdless of each owners feeling about it today and as much as the media hates to admit it, most folks in this country still have values. If DTV or for that matter SAT. companies get a reputation of being nothing but sleeze most will go some place else.