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  • dbrewerm dbrewerm Apr 13, 2000 8:37 PM Flag

    Does anyone think it's hit bottom yet??

    Jeff Wlodarczak at CIBC World Markets rates GMH "STRONG BUY" on 4/13/00 with a price target of $149.00 per

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    • let's just say regardless of the markets current
      cycle GMH (DTV + HNS) are on the threshold of some
      pretty amazing growth.

      First, shedding the
      satelite factory will be a good first step. The defense
      side has not been hitting their profit margins for
      quite a few years. The return on investment is just not
      there and will probably require an overhaul with the
      management tier. In other words he execution of their
      program plans needs serious scrutiny.

      shedding DTV-Japan was a necessary step. With this losing
      sector now gone DTV will be able to feature the strong
      growth areas in the Domestic and Latin American markets.
      We are only at the beginning of the Latin boom.
      Latin America has virtually the same craving for TV
      entertainment the the US has.

      Third, AOL and DTV will be
      radically changing the entertainment landscape. For
      example, switching between the internet and TV programming
      will be virtualy seemless within the next year. On a
      side note, web based applications (such as webpages)
      will be extremely automated. In fact, the website will
      look more and more like TV commercials do today.
      Landing on a company website will have such a high degree
      of automation and that's how you will see websites
      begin to blend with TV programming.

      Fourth, some
      time ago I mentioned HNS will be getting more and more
      press coverage. Well we are begining to see how DPC
      will be key in the B2B infrastructure. They can
      rapidly provide solutions to set up this network and
      there will be a wide range of new SW applications that
      will support this new medium coming to market over the
      next several years.

      I could go on but the
      bottom line here is this truely is a great time to be a
      buyer or long term holder. Yes, even with the current
      GM BOD. GMH will be a stand alone non-tracking
      company within 12 months whether GM likes it or not.
      Especially at these levels. It's even cheaper now to
      takeover GM+GMH. I am sure this is being considered very
      strongly right now!!!