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Hughes Electronics Corp. (GMH) Message Board

  • wsevedge wsevedge Nov 13, 2000 12:11 PM Flag

    This used to be a good board....

    Where did it turn into a bunch of crap? I've lost interest in this board.

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    • wsevedge,

      the board is being blitzed by a
      hacker...i.e gmhsell/gmhse11 and other manifestations. The
      normal flow of GMH interest by contributors has been put
      on hold/destroyed.

      I too am fed up with the
      grade school comments thrown at this board by the
      hacker/imposter. I am also detered by the rash of spam. Takes
      about 3-4 days to fill up the "ignore" quota of 100.
      That is nonsense.

      I guess we have to be patient
      and let the fool get caught/lose interest. This board
      would then resume mostly high class posts ( spam seems
      to be a constant )... until then so long for


      • 1 Reply to oakforrest
      • Oak,

        I am with you. No sense posting
        worthwhile material until the attacker/imposter is caught
        and dealt with by Yahoo. My guess is she or he is a
        PAID basher for some party who is either short GMH or
        wants to buy REAL cheap. All we can do is complain to
        Yahoo. As for GMH, don't worry about the volatility,
        Harry Pearce will do what is right for all of us who
        have substantial investments in GM and GMH. I for one,
        have complete confidence in him and his ability to get
        a "fair deal" for all shareholders. Between my
        spouse and I, we have 33 years in the GM system and have
        seen it all over the past years. We have never seen an
        executive that we trust more than Harry Pearce in all that
        time, PERIOD! I hate the volatility also, but Pearce
        cannot stop the Wallstreet insanity of late. Hang in
        there with the rest of us who have been around for a
        while, it will get better in time!

    • bush_should_trust_the_people bush_should_trust_the_people Nov 13, 2000 12:49 PM Flag

      You'll have to talk with Smokey and 2 friends for spreading lies about a sale for almost 1 year now. Crap in, Crap out.

      Eh Smokey??