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  • chrishasty_1982 chrishasty_1982 Nov 16, 2009 3:39 PM Flag


    I think it's interesting that today the price has gotten close to what it was before GS issued a sell rating. I think this proves everyone knew that was BS.

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    • I feel they focus on quality rather than quantity with concern to new stores. Even if they hiked the dividend a whopping 150% to 50 cents they would have had more cash for new stores this past year. Ultimately I suppose it doesn't matter because the big specials are nice, and the price drop that follows offers great buying opportunities.

    • not that I'm such an expert, but in all the years I've been following stocks,,, I don't recall someone "Initiating Coverage at a Sell" (unless they're SHORTING it already) it's even more ironic that they include a price target of $27, when the stock was at 28+... ummm,, how confident is that SELL when they only expect it to go down 6% ? a stock can go down 6% in a few days just by mild FULL market fluctuations....!!!! what horsesht are they peddling...

      I think the whole thing was a farce,, and I hope people remember this BS,

      people overuse the term "manipulation" so I hesitate to use it, however, if I ever did see a case, I think this is it..

      I can only hope it pisses off the BKE management enough to open a few more stores, come with just a few more marketing ideas, throw it back in their face.. ( I mean they probably don't have to do ANYTHING, but hell, when faced with this kind of errrr,, manip,, errgh,, bS.. well, I hope they Do react positively.. )

      35% short? for what again?


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