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  • hoopervisor2 hoopervisor2 Jul 22, 2010 10:55 AM Flag

    Dont Miss Out

    I bought at 27.91, 28.50 and 29.10 recently, starting at 29.10 when it was on the way down. You rarely can buy at the bottom, but you can come close to it by choosing a number of shares that you want to own and buying in thirds and fourths until you reach your goal. The stock appears headed back to 30 or higher, but may dip again in August after July same-store sales are posted -- which I expect to be down 5 percent. Earnings will scream upwards, however. And cash reserves are climbing, so I expect another $1.80 special dividend this fall. Last year when the company made announcement about the special dividend, stock jumped 10 percent. I expect to see a repeat. Happy trading folks.

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    • I would agree that people are ignoring the value in this strong company. I'm right here in Kearney so it is easier to keep a finger on the pulse of this company. I have been accumulating this past week and hope to have $100,000 in this company very soon. I've never lost money on this company. It is one of the strongest out there and has pumped tons money into our local economy.

    • That doesn't make sense. This stock has 3$ in cash per share which represents a P/E below 8. On top of that BKE has lost more than 35% over the last few weeks.

      I'd like to buy massively but at the same time I've the feeling the bleeding could go on. With a falling knife we never know.

      So first strong support stands at 26$, we'll see then. But I might buy a lot at that level.

    • Strong stores, strong brand. P/E of 9ish??? Dividend? No debt? Adding stores?? This is a nice ooportunity.

    • If you are still on this message board-do you recall
      when the special dividend announcement was last year?


      I agree with your assessment-very well run company!

      If they are "spooked" by the economy they may pass
      on the special dividend-also not sure where they stand
      on paying for the new distribution warehouse?

      Seems to me they are big enough to "cherry pick" mall
      locations in high income areas also I recently read
      where high income individuals are increasingly using
      the internet to purchase items-all bodes very well for
      Buckle as they appear to be well positioned for
      internet sales.

      Also rents have to be coming down dramatically and wages
      should be flat.

      Good investing!

    • I agree.

      I'm full up on shares though. Added another 100 anyway at $28.00 that I'll trade after the right catalyst (earnings? special announed?). Will add more in 100 share blocks any time we go < $28.

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