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  • kteerga kteerga Aug 27, 2010 10:53 AM Flag

    I am SO onto these analysts. Standard and Poor is drinking the KOOLAID

    Anyone else notice that almost ALL of the retailers were upgraded yesterday, with the exception of BKE? Now, hmmm.... I have just dissected ALL of these companies and BKE looks much better than most. I am VERY suspicious of Standard and Poors, because I have always relied upon their research and analyst input(s) to make investing decisions. They have failed me more often than not, and has mostly caused me to lose alot of money, more than anything else. I don't listen to anything they say..... EVER! They are either incompetent or playing the game and drinking the kool aid like the rest of them. That is the reason I don't trust their recent opinion on BKE.

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    • Right on!! S&P, Yo Adrienne, GS, all either nuts or some sort of buyside scam.

    • revised s&p comments until just now:

      estimates to $2.51 and $2.48 from $2.54 and $2.60. Employing a forward P/E of 7.3X, about a 30% discount to peers, we lower our target price to $18 from $26.

      On the E#, OK, maybe, we're all scared of double dip right now. But the PE 7ish? That's a near depression level PE. And what about the 80 cent Q div, specials, that don't come into play at all?

      So, if "analysis" is an ever changing picture which destroys it's credibility, ah, then what is it?

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      • They've likely got their reasons. Do I think it's possible it could get to 18$... Yes. Not likely, but it is certainly possible.

        I think the credit agencies have been overly cautious since the sub-prime meltdown. As I've said before, BKE is facing tough comps for the next several months, and IMO when SSS miss, miss, and miss it will push the stock lower and lower. Investors at teen retail are worried about fickle teen customers and how quickly they can disappear.

        If BKE pays a special dividend this quarter you can expect a SEVERE hangover after it gets paid. It happened last year, and last year BKE had superb comps. How much worse will the hangover be when investors are facing massive short selling, declining comps, and way less cash on the books.

        I'm interested in BKE, but not at these prices under these conditions.

    • gotta love 'em, I mean on Aug 24 with BKE near a 52 week low, at PE 9 and div 3.4% (appears bullet proof) yo adrienne opens with a sell, next day, wed, bke dips to 23. And by Friday is 24.5 Crazy talk I know, I wonder how many know that (1.50 + div)/$23 is actually a nice one year real world return.

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