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  • chrishasty_1982 chrishasty_1982 Sep 9, 2010 11:41 AM Flag

    I'll eat crow now.... bought a little

    Much to my chagrin... I bought a little BKE at 26.35. I think it could get lower, but certainly we will see some good upside action here for a while, and I bough in lower than I did last year.

    I'm like a crack addict with this stock I guess. Superb company with no love on the street. It's my kind of stock.

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    • Cha-ching.... I'll take my due rewards for not listening to the "experts" a few weeks ago. Most of the "experts" that analyze stocks are just wimps that follow the crowd.

      See you at 42$ boys!

    • The Buckle has grown 19 stores in past year, or 4.7 percent, to 420 stores operating in 41 states, including a new store opened Sept. 1 in Orlando, Fla. Growth is limited to a certain extent by the company's policy of promoting managers from within its top ranks of sales/management staff. This policy ensures that the best managers are opening and operating new and existing stores. These top managers drive the business by providing excellent customer service, hard work and enterprise, leading their staff to sell not just one item, but entire outfits to clients. This highly driven culture is rooted in integrity, honesty and respect for the customer. BKE could grow faster, but it wants to promote people from within its ranks, who know their business, who will further drive sales, thus creating stores that provide quick return of invested capital while growing the empire and contributing to earnings.

    • I think it's because the insiders at BKE make more money off the panic sellers than they would with a sustained upward surge. It's also safer because they don't take on much debt and haven't over-saturated the market with too many stores.

      Dennis Nelson sold out at around 38 1/2$ a few months ago and then corporate bough a ton of shares back recently at 24$

      Why make the stock more and more expensive when you can do better swing trading it and taking big dividends when you choose to do so. When you are selling out portions of a big holding on a first-in first-out basis you are always paying long term capitol gains on the income, so the insiders are making big money and paying a lower tax rate than "Average Joe" and then taking big dividends on their core position.

      CASH COW at BKE if you have even half a brain.

    • In regards to all of this cash on the books and raising/paying dividends...

      Has Buckle simply just become a cash cow without growth opportunities?

      Rather than reinvesting in the company, they choose to pay shareholders.

      Can anybody help explain their current strategy right now?

    • This buying decision must have been somewhat motivated by the potential dividend, correct?

      Because I am considering getting in right now (just about pulled the trigger on 700 shares), but I'm like you--somewhat uneasy about the price.


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      • With a huge stockpile of cash that is growing... a ton of inside ownership... so far this quarter earnings are higher instead of lower like last quarter... quite frankly, yes it's a dividend play, but on top of good fundamentals and evidence that the trend is up now instead of down.

        I don't think a run to 34-35 would be out of the question if another special comes out of the wood work. I also think that the Bush tax cuts will stay in place, so there is a darn good chance they could raise the quarterly dividend this time too.

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