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  • LikeToInvest LikeToInvest Aug 31, 1998 9:20 PM Flag

    Relook at the facts...

    Although I have been high on BKE this year, I
    feel that they will be long to rebound. no matter how
    well a company is structured, people are going to hold
    out on consumer spending until things around the
    world stabalize. May not see BKE rebound till holiday
    season. Sorry folks, but consumers are going to HOLD on
    to their $$$$$ for now

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    • I bought into BKE several weeks ago and as of
      today finally got into the black. One thing I have
      found in researching this industry further is BKE's
      numbers vs the rest of it's industry isn't as impressive
      as their numbers look on their own. I believe this
      is holding it down and will likely do so in the
      future. However if they have several more suprise
      quarters it may finally get more attention.
      Since you
      asked, another stock that could get some big play is
      TLXN, check out the Yahoo message boards on this one,
      what a soap opera.

    • What other stocks?

    • In response to all your questions, yes, BKE is
      one of the best retail operations out there. Is has
      wonderful management, no debt, etc. It did a 174% return in
      1996. However, if you want to play this longterm, it's
      a good buy. Long term, however, could mean a month
      or a couple of years. I, as all of us, do not have a
      crystal ball. All I do know is that the population will
      hold tighter to their wallets. That is the ONLY reason
      I let go of BKE. I have other stocks that I feel
      will outperform BKE's percentage increases over the
      next months.

    • do you really think that teenagers give a hoot if
      the Russian, Latin American and Asian economies
      crumble? They're still going to want to wear what their
      friends are wearing. And that usually doesn't mean last
      year's style.

      We're not talking Gucci or Armani

      The world economic news may affect the stock price,
      and you may be correct a rebound for BKE. But,
      assuming that the kids hang on to their after school jobs,
      they'll probably keep right on spending.

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      • BKE is a great stock. however, when the checkbook
        has to be considered, consumers ( their parents) are
        going to be hesitant to spend $$$$ on extra high end
        junior clothing. Trust me on this one. Instead of
        allowing the kids to spend $200, they'll only allow $100.
        this cuts into BKE profits. Retail is the most
        volitile mkt at this time

      • When the market dropped 500 points-
        went down with the rest of them.

        The next day
        the market moves of strongly-
        Buckle sits there
        doing nothing, eventhough
        it's substantially below
        its highs.

        Where's the bottom

        I agree that with the previous note that

        teenagers won't change there buying habits
        because of
        what's happening around the world,
        but the market
        seems to be telling us that
        they don't believe
        Buckle will avoid profit erosion.

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