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  • I was really surprised by the sales
    because the company was trying to bring
    I thought same store sales would be in
    single digits not the teens.
    I think this shows the
    market that this
    company knows its market and how to
    under difficult conditions

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    • Tend to really take off when conditions improve.
      Either somebody is cooking the books, or this is another
      GAP in the making. I'm betting on the latter, I plan
      to hold all the shares I can afford to accumulate
      for a good long while...

      And this is coming
      from a guy who get's antsy to sell whenever he sees a
      quarter point or more gain to be realised. I've been in
      and out of this stock 5 times since it was last 16,
      when I first bought in, and I could have made more
      just by holding on to each and every share I'd

      Sure, I'll sell if it gets WAY ahead of itself too fast
      (like too high price to sales or price to earnings
      ratios), but only because I know there'll be a correction
      and I can get back in cheaper. Long term, I'm
      beginning to view this as my money market account...

    • maybe good for us. BKE announces earnings next Friday and based on the prior months sales results it should be a very positive announcement.

      GO BKE!!!!!!!

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