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  • toddB222 toddB222 Nov 12, 1999 9:51 AM Flag

    weak operations

    Wooopee they beat the Street, y usint it going
    up? Sheeesh come on guys, just one look at the incoem
    statement and u can c exactly hoe they "beat" the numbers,
    through the buyback of 600K shares of its stock, When
    sales are slowing, SSS are low, and margins narrow,
    that is not good operating results. They need to adapt
    better to changing fashions, get rid of some denim, try
    new stuff in young mens apparel, and watch occupancy
    expense. The price seems to reflect BKE's waek momentum.
    Until the sales trend start reversing this stock will
    be stagnent.

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    • I'm glad to see BKE stock doing great from November 1999(when I did my analysis) to July 2011. Warren Buffet should have hired me. ;-) ;-)

    • Will_Work_For_Food_Or_Drink Will_Work_For_Food_Or_Drink Nov 29, 1999 2:47 PM Flag

      makes Jack a very dull boy. All work and no play
      makes Jack a very dull boy. All work and no play makes
      Jack a very dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack
      a very dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a
      very dull boy...
      This stock is making me lose

    • I appreciated your post and read it before I
      bought, but I don't think that's a good foundation for
      making choices. Relative strength, like all technical
      analysis, is most accurate at telling you what has happened
      in the past, leaving you in interpret what's going
      to happen in the future. Obviously, just because a
      stock has high RS, doesn't mean it's going to keep it.
      In fact, it usually means it's going to lose it. The
      sad thing is, by the time you see BKE with a RS of
      90% or higher, we'll all have made about 75% on our

    • I visited the mall and this is what I

      --BKE had more traffic than GAP yet the sales girl said
      it was a dead night
      --The sales girl I spoke with
      said she started working there because she shopped
      there so much
      --Great mall location!

      I also
      talked with a bunch of teens / twentysomethings about
      the store. Everyone liked the store although most
      said it was really expensive. They also indicated that
      they like the way the floor sales staff acts as
      opposed to other clothing retailers.

      I was quite
      impressed with their selection of merchandise. GAP is
      forced to always make their stuff "cool", where it
      appears as if BKE can just sell whatever is "cool" at the
      time, i.e., Tommy, Doc Martens, etc. Wise...

      crunched some numbers and did some significant research. I
      have to admit BKE appears to be the best buy right
      now. While it is selling at a low P/E, it is also
      sitting on over $3 a share cash, which means the stock
      could actually be priced at $12 right now.

      just place my buy order...

    • Investors business daily shows BKE to have a RS,
      relative strenght of 11. With 0 being the worst and 100
      the best, 11 is pretty bad. There is no interest in
      BKE. It is apparent in the stock price being so close
      to the 52 wk low while the market is healthy and
      making nice gains. BKE has problems...they will soon
      surface. Growth is slowing...margins are
      flow is will all effect eps and that is
      the bottom line. Easier money to be made elsewhere.

    • I just purchased a few hundred shares because its
      selling at its historically low PE and it has a great
      balance sheet. Never been to the stores, none in this
      area, so when you get back, let me know what you think.
      Fashon is fickle, so the company sales slowdown may just
      be temporary or it could be more serious and longer
      term. Based on the companies past performance, and
      considering its potential risk/reward ratio, I'm assuming its
      a temporary problem, and getting my feet wet. Good

    • to get funds to pay out the Subchapter S earnings
      to Daniel Hirschfeld, repay bank loans, and to
      provide for further expansion. The new stores were all
      financed by Mr. Hirschfeld and bank debt intil the IPO. He
      got the money Sub S earnings he had already paid tax
      on at that point which was a lot. He still owns
      majority interest in the company.

    • Forgive the apparent idiocy of this question but
      I am in the process of deciding between BKE and a
      few other stocks. Please list as many reasons as
      possible why I should / shouldn't invest in

      Also, I am visiting one of BKE's stores this afternoon.
      Anything in particular I should ask / look


    • I have owned the BKE for seven years--bought the
      IPO. BKE has had two splits. It split 2 for 1 in 97
      and 3 for 2 in 98. In those seven years I have had a
      200% return but I only have 3 shares for every one I

      20.5% return per year is great. Try getting rich

    • Read the financials !!

      1) cash flow is not
      decreasing, it is increasing, just not as fast.

      2) BKE
      will open ~30 stores next year. By using just this
      year's cash flow, they could open 80.

      3) The cash
      and muni portfolio could open another 130 stores
      (only 5 years worth).

      Conclusion? Besides
      Will2win being a fool, BKE is not down because they won't
      be able to open new stores at anticipated pace.
      Momentum is gone with SSS, float is thin (and getting
      thinner)and we're in tax loss season. By the way, anyone even
      thinking about BKE quietly buying up the float without
      moving the price? Is anyone thinking why is BKE public
      in the first place? Hummmm . . . .

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