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  • golden_retriever1234 golden_retriever1234 Jun 17, 2004 7:10 PM Flag

    scott_hutchison / steinflower

    Both of you say, You talked to CFO Rossi and felt comfortable. How would you explain the drop today? Don't you see you are not looking at the same company you did two weeks ago? The name is tarnished, it seems. Competitors would take this and take away OVTI's business in matter of time. Buyers will hezitate to book orders with OVTI for uncertainity around their ongoing business as usual.

    Originally last Thursday, I thought I'll get in. Now I think not, should wait until clouds clear.

    People got disappointed for none of their own fault. They are keep dumping , i guess.

    See what happened with RHAT today. Same company , beat expectation on lower than street revenue numbers but higher than last year and other numbers they all came good. But the uncertainity regarding the management is taking RHAT down now. Until cloud clears up there , it's not a buy, so is OVTI. imo.

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    • Jarhead,
      Thanks for the lesson. Never too old to learn.

    • You'd be surprised just how often the Yahoo message boards are read by professional research. Over the years, Yahoo has grown widely popular among professionals. I am posting here (1) because the investor relations dept is not answer my calls (2) with the communications blackout, I was hoping to dig up some info here (employees do post here as well).


    • Would you say that in lower case letters and in English please


      you are going to be much much poorer

      Would you say that in lower case letters and in English please. You must be another imaginary institutional investor. Wow they are all here today. We are truly blessed.

    • I got to get back to work..... Let them think what they want I am out of breath...

    • You cannot tell if institutional investors have sold en masse or not. But judging by the amount of shares exchanged there was definitely rotation. For those 'tutes that adhere to technicals, especially failing to break above the 200 DMA, they're out. 'tutes that move quickly on downward revisions are likely to be out, too. As me, I'm still in, waiting to hear the company's explanation about this quarters weak expectations.

      Look, the restatement is more or less immaterial (1) because it is likely to result in an reported revenue increase and (2) it may have little to no impact on profits. It is material in the sense that (a) it's a mistake overlooked by the internal audit, which implies that management's control is less that otherwise and (b) that that restatement may be a pull-in or future revenues.

      Still, the big question remains: why, in such an explosive and demonstrably growing market, is Omnivision guiding a sequentially flat quarter. The CMOS image sensor market has momentum and in the midst of it, the supposed leader may be losing it, as implied by the downward revision.

      Could it be seasonal? Yes, and if that's the case, then I wouldn't worry.

      Could it be pricing? Yes, but pricing seems to remain solidly flat. If it pricing, then concerns over rapid commodization is at play.

      Could it be loss of market share? Yes. But I see OVTI collabortively work with its clients. The chips aren't 'off the shelf'; they are incorporated into the design of the handset, which means that OVTI works closely with its customers.

      Could it be a transitional pause between the 2 and 1.3 megapixel chipset? Yes, and if that's the case, then I'm not worried at all.

      All these questions remain outstanding, and until I get a better picture, I cannot dilligently act on the stock.

      Some 'tutes may be buying, sure. But the level of 'tute demand is down, reflected in the new and lower equilibrium between demand for the stock and those willing to sell it.


    • You know trend

      honestly i dont know either. I will probably cover wednesday just to see where it hits then play the momentum from there or just stay out after wednesday

    • Yeah, notice I did not say whether it will be Good Truth or Bad Truth. I am content to be a follower in this one...

    • It seems that a group of you annoying posters must take turns, obviously it is your turn now.
      Go away.

    • The truth will come out on the 23rd.

      i agree with that statement

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