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  • an_intellectual_jarhead an_intellectual_jarhead Jun 18, 2004 1:45 PM Flag

    scott_hutchison / steinflower

    And you're still full of dung:

    Scott_Hutchison's response:

    >>>He didn't run the numbers just for me. He had already run them and indicated they couldn't get to the current pricing (16.40 or so) based upon their valuation. Believe what you want, I asked the question and gave you his response.>>>

    IJH response: even had Rossi run the numbers, and even he had come to that conclusion, he would NOT have shared that with you. NO CFO is going to comment on the stock's valuation during a quiet period and especially when a statement is around the corner. NO CFO is going to make such a comment which exacerbate the situation even further.

    And if Rossi IS surprised by the stock's drop, then he shouldn't be CFO. There's ample empirical evidence that shows that (1) negative surprises, especially a reduction in forward-looking guidance and (2) a communications black-out lead to a precipitous drop in the stock price. Surely, Rossi knows that and giving him credit that he does punches a hole in your idiotic commentary.


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