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  • chevyfanz2001 chevyfanz2001 Oct 18, 2004 5:10 PM Flag

    Yes!! OVTI rallying with IBM/TXN!

    You go boy...

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    • Remember, it's the bagholder shorts that are overrepresented in the total short interest, because the earlier/higher priced shorts have come and gone.

    • Sep. 15, 2004 16,548,122 6,524,019 2.54
      Aug. 13, 2004 14,848,848 4,747,682 3.13..

      Oops I hadn't paid attention to the sept numbers. My bad, I can admit when I was wrong (ya listening dubya?) I am glad to see more shorties, this will be more fuel for tommorow. From mid aug to mid sept we avg around $10-$11 so the latest crop of shorties are already hurting and tommorow aint going to get any easier for them! Hope the longs don't let them off cheap!

    • chkp- chkp- chkp-eom

    • ckpt-eom.

    • I was a holder of AUO and moved that money into OVTI after OVTI's fall. I am very glad I did. Slowly, though, I am getting back into AUO. It is so cheap now and I like their progress in R&D. Personally, I think it will trade in the range of 11.5 - 14.5 until a story becomes believable about the LCD market.

      My proprietary research report puts LCD as the winner between DLP and LCD and OLED in terms of growth and acceptance. I know there are advantages to both.

    • A semi with a cell phone emphasis is CAMD.

    • So few trades AH for OVTI.

      Shame TXN effect is not as strong as SNDK/LEXR , but inverse.

      Oh well , tomorrow could be nice (Naz future up a lot) , TXN and IBM , lower oil ... but - the low volume could impede progress.

      15 ?

      A stretch .

      Even though I would be happy to cross 15.25 in next 2/3 days (and bottom there). Need more volume though.

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      • Don't worry Volume will pick up tomorrow - a lot of money is waiting for the "Turning Point" in Tech - today marks this as the Turning Point. People will be piling in tomorrow - I mean Big time. Institutional Money is coming. There is Tons of Cash sitting on the sidelines.
        America is a great place to live and prosper. Those who have courage to hold OVTI will be buying new Houses/Cars and enjoying what life has to offer.
        Those who sold or are still short (why not drink Anti-freeze ? - would be less painful) will regret having sold and will watch their computer screen in rhe morning and curse themselves for having sold. You know who you are - you can hide from us Longs but you can't hide from yourself :) You know you blew it.

    • Go Baby Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      14.35 - now asking 14.38

      no shares available - very hard to buy this stock in After hours.

      If we get news tomorrow - forget about trying to Cover if you are Short. I would not sleep a wink if I was short OVTI.

      How do you fools sleep at night ?


      Seriously are you out of your mind ?

      Do you have a sub-conscious desire to lose you money so your wife leaves you and sleeps with your best friend :) Or is she doing that already ? Thats what happens to Shorts, they make a few bucks and then get greedy and then lose it all !!!!!!!!! You dumb asses should have covered this morning.

      Have a pleasant evening :)

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