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  • equityonerealty equityonerealty Jan 28, 2005 3:48 PM Flag

    Last Week for Pussy Democrats:


    Trying there best to run the market in the ground. Along with the Media they have been doing a pretty good job of being the Cowards that they are. Iraq elections will be just fine and the Market will take off. Thank God Pussies like Ted Kennedy and Barbra Boxer don't run this Country. They just think they do. Added another 700 shares thank's you pussy Democrat cowards.

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    • On behalf of all Republicans I'd like to apologize for asshole conservative demagogues like equityonerealty.

      The only difference between a far-left asshole and a far-right asshole is how much to govern the state. As you can see, however, the blaming and the whining are the same.

    • Hey blow me pal. This is not a democratic market, more to the point it is replublicans that are runnig wall street, big money are replublicans. Always has been. Wall street gave millions to bush re-election so bush would turn around and feed this nations children to them by privatizing SocSec. An entitiy that supports the lower class mostly, dems.
      So take your bible thumping idiot prez and go free Iraq with your blood.
      I doubt those soldiers that died for this bullshit war care about politics, just who will be raising, guiding and supporting thier children while they are dead. Maybe Bush will, na he can't even fund the VA hospitals cuase Iraq is sooooo fuuuuccckkkiiinnnggg expensive. But you voted for that now didn't you.

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      • gotta pretty much agree with ndprops on that one. lots of people are getting rich on this war, just not you or i. hey where are all those WMD's anyway?

        not to worry Iran is next on the agenda. we are already doing overflights to test and map their AA defenses and to figure out where and what nuke enrichment sites are operating, plus, get this.. we have some Iraqi "terrorist" groups who apparently like us but hate the Mulla's doing across the border searches and incursions working with our Special Op's guys. Smell like afghanistan all over again? nice little sandbox we have over there...

      • Fuck off libbie.

        The media in this country CONTROLS THE SENTIMENT and hence the markets and the media is OWNED & RUN by limp-wristed weak liberals who hardly ever portray the success stories happening in Iraq. The media desperately wants the U.S. to fail in Iraq, as do the French and the Germans.

        You're wrong to state that Bush is in Wall Street's pocked as if Kerry wasn't. Wall Street gave MILLIONS to your lying Ketchup Kerry. He's a spoiled rich guy who wants to be everything for everybody.

        This is a more complex world than simpletons like you want to admit.

        Simple solutions like your drunk womanizer Chappaquidick Teddy friend calling for complete withdrawal are laughable.

    • Stuff it, you idiot ideologue.

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