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  • jaarkijtof jaarkijtof Apr 2, 2005 12:38 PM Flag

    Nokia deal

    The day we will find out which CMOS chip is contained in Nokia 6230i (expected to be high volume product) is near..there are several 6230i circulating around the world already and once somebody opens it... the risk for shorts is higher every day. From technical point of view the level of distribution has topped already by shorting the OV9650 shipping news (see CMF)...

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    • "Show me one contract. Just one, You can't."

      That's sooo wierd. I didn't even post that phrase. Are you hearing voices?

      As for the TXN and STM contracts

      (1) You never posted them
      (2) No TXN contract exists for imaging chips

      I think you've blown a fuse. Bimbo overload.

    • Tina dude,
      I can not find a 1.3 mp SMIA chip even on STM site. Can you please show me where they make one?
      I think Nokia wants SMIA chips but realistically knows it will take some time for companies to ramp them up. they could be using smia vga chips and regular 1.3 chips for now.

      1.0 MP SMIA is available from STM but was not even used by Nokia, they chose (presumably) OVTI's 1.3 instead.
      The only other player to announce a 1.3 win was ESST and that was for Samsung. So I am more confident now we got Nokia.
      Plus too many people have been screaming OVTI/Nokia with NO corrections issued by Nokia, a telling clue as well. Albiet thatcan be taken as Nokia merely ignoring speculators. However I think Nokia would not benefit/tolerate from false info being spread by analyst and the media.

    • Show me one contract. Just one, You can't.

      I can show you the TNX and STM contracts. I've done that already.

      What if you get into one phone? It means nothing.

    • Don't you guys read the company's PRs?

      OVTI is not producing a 1.3MP SMIA-compliant sensor yet, so the 6230i wouldn't have an OVTI sensor in it.

      You need to do at least a little DD

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