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  • cyclad cyclad Apr 2, 2005 4:52 PM Flag


    I also think the market is going down. I think as one poster posted recently that OVTI could see 12. I think the market and particularly the Naz is in for a shitty April and that with all the imbalances out there investing over next 2-5 years is going to be extremely difficult. After the crash of 2000 I learned that one CAN SHORT and absolutely should do so as a way to hedge longs and protect capital if one wants to stay in the game. As concerns Scott, I will say again, the guy is new to the game and that coming out of the blue spurring fear over insider sales which he clearly doesn't understand just shows his naiveness and inconsistency. The only thing he called right is the weakness of the stock and overall market which will probably continue culminating I believe somewhere in the summer or fall with massive capitulation.

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    • Interesting. And what are your credentials? There are a lot of misinformed sophmores posting on every board,thats why message boards deserve their reputation.There are also some investors seeking real and current information about the company,industry and sector to use. Do not assume anything about any poster (except Bullrun).

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      • I have only ever razzed Scott. It's a little over a year now he has posted on this board and he just bothers me. The majority of posters on all yahoo boards are not real investors in my book. I have 4 places I go to try and gleam some info for stocks I am interested in. Yahoo board is the least sophisticated but there are always a few informative people worth reading. As far as my credentials. Lots of years investing, up overall for 2004, and up on OVTI in 2004 and so far this year.
        I play both the long and short side and feel its the only way to survive and make money.

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