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  • wayovermyhead01 wayovermyhead01 Apr 4, 2005 9:05 PM Flag

    scott_hutchison <<<FAKE ID>


    the real scott had an ID of scott_hutchinson not scott_hutchison.

    you are now offically caught in the act.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Leave it to the pathetic coward birdy to attack another genuine long this afternoon, when the discussion about ovti was humming along...He started spewing his juvenille crap with his alias coyote, as if we don't know they are one in the same, LOL!!

      What happened to the broken promise by birdy "im off this board for good?" Once a liar, always a liar, and a crappy stock picker too, LOL. But at least he sold out at 14 and now looks even more foolish as the weak whiner that he is...

      See the smart longs at 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • For those of you on this board seeing more of birdy's hateful posts this afternoon, just know this is birdy's MO, and he is just distraght since he sold at 14 and now lashes out at us loyal longs who held tight. I know, it's quite pathetic and cowardly, but that's the only card birdy has left to play. Just read the post below to see birdy exposed for the shameless liar he is. Pay close attention to the part right after the three ,,,
      Did he keep his word?? That says all you need to know about birdy's credibility, LOL>>

    • Hey Truthie,

      Sorry, but you'll just have to wait your turn. I'm not quite through with him yet. Almost though.



      p.s. $27 sounds about right...but when?

    • birdy,

      What happened to this??: "im off this board for good..." Guess it just wasn't enough to post through trader, coyote, goldy, etc. Funny, the one thing you are consistent about is your chronic lying, LOL!!

      But you have just been exposed AGAIN for the pathetic, cowardly, two bit liar that you are. Any more "promises??" LOL

      See the rest of you at 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cyclad,

      You are one "sick lad" LOL, because nothing wrong with shorting in and of itself, but YES shorting ovti is a fool's game, especially at 14, LOL!! And Birdy HAS NOT been around longer than me, but who cares anyway?? Well, except idiots like you, LOL. And YOU are calling people stupid?? and in the same breath defend birdy and his 7 aliases, now THAT is stupid, you MORON!! Learn to think sick lad...

      See the rest of you at 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you guys must cary on about personal things, please put a big OT in the subject header so I can skip it. Otherwise, I have to waste my limited ignore space to get rid of you.

    • Maybe it is you who should step aside. And please do tell what is wrong with shorting. Your attacks on bird are stupid. He has been around more than you with a heck of a lot more credibility. Now shoo..

    • THIS JUST IN...Birdy's promise to leave the board for good, lasted for??... all of 40 minutes, give or take...LOL LOL LOL LOL!!

      Are you newbies starting to get the picture here?? It's called "lack of credibility." I know, not surprising for a short, but we here at the ovti board have a higher standard and birdy is our resident KOOK!!

      But that was a classic showdown and promise/threat never to return and here he is 40 minutes later spewing his hate for the longs. Funny, pathetic and predictable all in one post...

      No worries, though. Tomorrow as we rise into earnings, birdy will be riding our coattails and be full of positive "spins" trying to get on the winning side, LOL LOL...

      See you real longs at 27!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Promises, promises, LOL...Come on birdy, we all know you are chained to your keyboard and never even step outside to enjoy the San Diego sun...And your record for lying and attacking ovti longs is well documented. But, okay, we will play along. You just promised...AGAIN!! to stay off the ovti boards and to quit posting lies. Since your track record is full of lies, I for one don't believe you, but it would be a welcome start to unclogging ovti board with endless clogging by you and a few others. So if your latest promise proves true, which I HIGHLY doubt, then my job will become easier, and board will see less of me...AND I can turn my attention to the other lying shorts like joo, general, etc. But I admit, I gotta soft spot for tina...

      Birdy, I am calling your bluff, so for once in your life honor a promise and...GET LOST!!!!

      See the rest of you at 27!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Great post bird,I am sick of this asshole also. I wonder if he ever heard of an IP adddress. Enjoy your party, mine is so starting. As Always Semper Fi, Sgt. Goldy6911 RVN 68-71

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