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  • birdwatcher384 birdwatcher384 Apr 7, 2005 6:09 PM Flag

    Hey Jackass


    yes mikethodosis im talking to you... i believe, your little contest was rigged and i also noticed all the little vicious handles (bird-bashers) have left... i didnt leave this board because im a coward... I left so the board could get normal as in getting rid of the trash (bird-bashers).. now maybe there can be some peace at this board..

    all is well with me,, the bird got pissed and shook the markets .. Oil went down (as i professed) and stocks (ovti) went up as i had hoped...

    I rarely short stocks; but have no problem shorting the oil patch because we all know where some of those profits go (scumbag ragheads - similar to you)..

    my xto short is nice - i have a list of other targets but i dont want to be too premature at this point...

    now i wont be posting here, but i will come over to check up on you from time to time... I want to make sure you got that menstrual pack on just right...

    LOL you big fu&*ken PRICK!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • hey if you love it 20, you GOTTA LOVE it at 14.88

    • Let's post last night telling you to get lost got almost thirty recommendations of support, and this pathetic little whiney post of yours got a big fat 1 (at this point of course, until you sign on with your other aliases).

      Seems like a pretty strong indicator that people either want you to get lost, or play nicely and honestly. Spirits were much higher today, no doubt, but I would bet that people are still fed up with your bullshit, so quit it if you can.

      Are you up to it?

      Oh, wait, sorry, you can't read any of this because I'm on "ignore". Maybe one of your other aliases can tell you what I said.

    • You're one weird birdshit, man.

      First you say you left this Board and you hope it will be peaceful and then you come back scratching and clawing at people.

      Grow up and fly away BirdBrain.

    • I'll let mike defend himself, but...

      Being that you were absent today--except for your other handle ceohermajesty--once again compiling lists on people,lol the board chugged along in good spirits and mostly relevant OVTI topics.

      I haven't responded to you in over a day because I once again mistakenly took you as a person of your word, but you show up again after another broken promise to the board. And only to post more ugly attacks on other posters...Why??

      The only "rigging" going on was when you offered to count votes yourself via--ceohermajesty and instead when the board spoke with a unified voice that we had grown tired of your bizarre rants and ugly attacks, you leave and only show back up now in a continuation of where you left off.

      Sad really. And I will leave it at that, but if you continue to be a mean spirited jerk I can promise that the bird will continue to get the stuffing kicked of him/her/them. So, do us all a favor and try to appreciate all San Diego has to offer...IE go outside once in awhile, lol!!

    • Settle down my friend...all is well. Remember, I bashed you for awhile, apologized and now I look after you. Don't let these other bashers get you down. Peace Bro

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