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  • ovtitruthserum ovtitruthserum Jun 10, 2005 12:27 PM Flag

    coyote/birdy must be conjoined twins...

    I see coyote/birdy continues to post non-stop 24/7, clogging the board with no regard for real discussion of ovti on the board. Funny to read birdy/coyote's endless banter with HIMSELF, birdy/coyote likely sits in his San Diego apartment handcuffed to the keyboard talking to himself too, LOL. Coyote/bird any new grand conspiracy theories to report today like the recommendation one from yesterday, LOL?? Unlike the shameless coward birdy/coyote, I won't spend 24/7 posting. But since he/they have no other life, my offer to post for every five to ten might slip a bit.
    Coyote, cut back on the lucky charms as it's unseemly to see you post non-stop. ovti will soon be in the high teens and your short at 14 lingers, LOL. Why does coyote post if he has no position?? He told the sndk board he has no position in ovti. And nice call on petd too. The birdy record of crappy stock picks shines on, LOL>>>

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    • The very second that it occurred to me just how insignificant he was, the decision to put him on my "ignore" list became a no-brainer.

      Some people post to fellowship, learn and share. Some people post to just propagate fantasies and deceive. While this board has a decent number of the former, it certainly has more than its share of the latter.

      See you at the top, golf.

    • only the strong survive

      right on birdwatcher

    • Your absolutely right, Mike and that exactly what I did. It does piss me off when someone questions my honesty. I could care less what someone else owns or claims they own. Hell we all strangers on this board anyway. I do know what I own, and I admit I feel the pressure from it. I guess being jealous gets the best of some people. Too bad.

    • Hold it together, Golf.

      Put them on "ignore" and just roll-on.

      Works for me.

    • wrong again.

    • You have no clue at all. Just a bunch of hot air. You and your silly, sick games and I are done with, back on ignore you go.

    • you obviously don't know what a
      big position is because you've never
      been there.

    • Mike,

      Did you read the last message from birdwatcher to me. He's lost it. He has become a nut case. You can hardly blame him though with all conversations he has with that phony clown, Trader696969. Hey Trader, why don't you go over to the JCOM board. I understand you lost a bunch over there. Oh that's right they ran you out didn't they. I can easily see why. You add nothing to a board other than your smart remarks, punk.

    • Jeffster,

      Just so that you know, you are making it extremely difficult for me to not hop back into the birdwatcher/coyote fray.

      Remember that scene in Godfather III, where Al Pacino says: "I try to stay out, but they keep pulling me back in!" Very stirring, very moving, well actually little to do with what's going on here, but still a good scene for an aging Pacino, of course nothing like the Pacino in Scarface or Godfather I, but I what were we talking about?

      Oh yeah, you're making it very hard for me not to jump back in and agree with you that birdwatcher384 is a total and complete mental retard...yeah, that's it.

      So, are we short again tomorrow, or do we make a dramatic change back to being long.

      p.s. Enough with the flattery, everyone here knows that you are the brains of this Abbott & Costello team. I'm just happy to be on the team.

      p.p.s. The Eagles really do suck. Always have. I grew up with them, and hated them back then too. Just a small (tiny) step above The Electric Light Orchestra and Air Supply.

    • Dahmer never seemed that bright. I mean he got caught because the freaking carcasses were rotting all around him. How smart do you have to be to take out the trash a couple of times a week, and keep the meat in the refrigerator.

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