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  • cosmo_django cosmo_django Jul 10, 2005 11:02 AM Flag

    Camera phones outpace digital cameras

    Article from mobile burn dated june 27/05.

    <More than 300 million camera phones will be sold during 2005, compared to about 85 million digital cameras.

    <Nine out of ten digital images taken by consumers (this year) will be captured with camera phones.


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    • New name for him, ForeverViagra. I did it to you birdie I can do it to him.

    • Well that covers about 10% I Never do anything more that 5% you did not even put in the bonds. Shame on you.

    • "Do not confuse stepping motor with a physical motor"


      How can you be smart enought to sell in May @ 16 and then post this foolishness ?


      Use of the stepping motor has made direct drive by a digital signal processor (DSP) possible. The motor driver IC, considered necessary in the past, has become unnecessary, and further downsizing has become possible.

      Electric Power Consumption Cut by 90% Through Application of Wristwatch Motor Technology
      Use of a CMOS sensor has helped to achieve a drastic cost reduction over the CCD sensor.

      Principal characteristics
      A CMOS camera module with an auto focus function for cellular phones. The module uses a stepping motor based on wristwatch technology.

      By using a stepping motor as the actuator of an auto focus camera electric power consumption has been reduced to about one-tenth that consumed by a conventional piezoelectric motor.

      Use of the stepping motor has made direct drive by a digital signal processor (DSP) possible. The motor driver IC, considered necessary in the past, has become unnecessary, and further downsizing has become possible.

      Do not confuse stepping motor with a physical motor.

    • I see your point.

      With the fools like ovtipostponesagain, bend_over_eli or some of the dozen others who post things like "...GOING TO ZERO ! ...", you are completely correct. Just a (somtimes self-indulgent) waste of bandwidth.

      I find that confronting Tinalies, however, often gives one the opportunity to point up positives like :

      - the clear position of Omnivision as the technology leader in the CIS market, which, btw, they created from scratch.

      - the potential of WFC to widen both this lead and thier gross margins.

      - the fact that ovti has no debt

      - the low p/e,

      - the lunacy of the shorts who have to borrow more than 1 out of every 3 outstanding shares every night and who face the conudrum of the fact that the lower they drive the price during the ongoing $100 million dollar buyback the smaller they make the float at the end of it.

      - and of course, my favorite : the fact that ovti yields better roe/roa than intc, msft or csco on better margins than ibm, wmt or ge.

      I know, for regulars, this might get somewhat repetitive, but I do it for the one or two stray newcomers who happen along now and then.

    • I see no reason someone post misrepresentantions inaccuracies and outright lies constantly unless to garner attention, either positive or negative, unless there is a motive. The soft porn come-on is a dead giveaway.

    • vigilant,

      I've read lots of posts accusing the likes of tina and joo of being boiler-room shills ... do you or anyone else here know of a site that would front this organization ... perhaps with a job posting ? I have to admit it, romney was right, after that last 12% pummeling I could use the cash heh heh heh

      Seriously though ... is there any evidence, other than the simple outrageousness of the content of the reality-challenged posts and the fact that they seem to be 24/7 that such outfits exist ? Now on the pumping side for penny stocks, this is well documented, and the high short interest certainly suggests that many of the two-liner bash posts during the day are from Hedgie interns, but you seem to be suggesting a telemarketing type operation.

    • EXCELLENT point vigilant !

      I wonder if the technology will go thru a period of popular recognition like "technicolor" or "dolby" etc..

    • Don't even respond to that poster in all their aliases. you probably make them a buck a reply.

    • "Wave F#ck is just a brand name. Everyone has it"


      if you could provide a link showing a single commercial product with optical focus done in software on the detector you would post it in a heartbeat.

      you are full of shit.

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