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  • cosmo_django cosmo_django Jul 16, 2005 2:32 PM Flag

    New nokia patent

    <Mobile giant Nokia thinks it has found a way of producing thinner camera phones without sacrificing image resolution. Rather than using a single lens to form an image on the sensor chip, patent application WO 2005/057922 describes an arrangement of four, reduced focal length lenses. Each lens generates its own image, which is stored on a separate part of the camer'a detector. An on-board processor digitally recombines the separate images into a single photograph and compensates for any parallax error arising from the spacing of the lens array.

    Looks like a job for CDM, our technology should be simpler, more cost effective, take up much less space, see how much CDM is going to be needed in the camera phone market place.


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    • I put ALL of Tina's aliases on "ignore" last week.

      Well you do still talk about me alot for some one on ignore I seem to get alot of attention.

    • It's just so hard to believe a 27 yo chick enjoys flurting with a 58 yo fart LMAO!!! If you were as perky and young as the model is, you would be in bed now!!! You seem to live on the board.

    • Dipper,

      Thanks for the encouragement. Your posts are always some of the first I read, as they are lucid, well written, and often contain many facts that I have overlooked, thanks for the good work.

      As far as the nut cases go ... I will attempt to be more prudent in my responses, and will start any replies to any of them with the term word "TOXIC", so that they may be easily ignored by anyone who does not wish to read them.

    • So, it takes Nokia's process four lenses to create the same depth of field as CDM does with one lens, no?

      The Nokia process probably is no where near CDM's depth of field. CDM is supposed to be five times a normal lens depthof field. Nokia has four reduced focal length lenses.

    • Your point about keeping the camera phone small is correct, Nokia is combining four small lens in place of one thicker or deeper lens. Giving up surface space for a thinner phone.

    • the reason for the four planes is to reduce
      the size of the camera dramatically. So it's
      not the question of the depth of field which
      both could have but the actual physical size of the camera to get the same depth of field.
      I don't know if wfc does it or not. That's why
      we need not only working prototypes, but actual pictures to compare quality of resolution and depth of field.

    • he's not going to do it because I sold
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    • I put ALL of Tina's aliases on "ignore" last week, along with Mira and Trader69 and a whole lot of other social deviants. It has made reading this board MUCH more practical and sane.

      "Tina" is a frustrating and frustrated woman. I decided some time ago that she is not a hairy guy as some here have guessed, but based on her quote of dated-lyrics and sayings she is either a 40+yo woman posing as a 20-something, or if she really is a 20-something then she is one odd duck (pardon the pun). In any case, she is clueless when it comes to knowledge of OVTI and as such she is not worth wasting a second of time on. If she wants to offer up her photo models for a stag party that would be another matter but so far she has not made such an offer.

      I would "ignore" her and the other crazies on this board if I were you. It makes for a better dialog about OVTI. JMHO.

      In any case, I hope you say on the board and keep posting. You are one of the handful of posters which I still read.

      Regards, BigDipperBuyer

    • This does not even sound like a field of depth solution anyway? Who says this competes with CDM?

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