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  • daveyw43 daveyw43 Jan 30, 2006 10:22 PM Flag

    Shorts Underwater

    If you actually shorted OVTI 18 months ago and left the position open for 18 months you have a small profit on the trade. The rest are losing money. I would guess a large percentage of those original shorts have covered. If there is another run up before the CC then the gap up should be substantial. I love the fact some of the old bulls on the board have grown timid. 18 months ago it was nothing but The CEO Magistri Glee Club psoting and boasting all day long. If the board is representative of market sentiment it could be a rocket ride into summer. Best of luck to all.

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    • June 8 = almost 20 months ago.
      You were talking about 18 months ago which would be August 04.

      Many OVTI shareholders here came on board August 04 in the $9 to $11 range.

      If you want to talk 20 months talk 20 months, 18 talk 18. You do the math.

    • Forgot about the split, joker?

    • July 26, 2004, 18 months ago, close the math.....June was 19 months ago....

    • The posting intensity during last year had to do with fighting a battle. Today we know we have a winner, therefore there is no need to post so much. The private group has served a purpose during times like the Yahoo! boards have gone down, when Miraluki has posted 24x7, or when the language got out of hand.

      We also made some members of the media aware of characters like Herb, Tristan, Rocker, etc.

      Tinas are gone, the general and Spicoli converted, Myke_Huntz is hiding, and so on.
      Even Mira does not post as often as before, may have to do with the Chinese New year.
      We will come back in full force the moment the shorts attempt to rule this board. Right at this moment, we are enjoying the fruits of our labor.


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      • Well said, CEO. I, for one, now feel relaxed, confident, and comfortable. I believe when a person is underwater with a stock that is unjustly being maniputated it brings out the fight in him or her. Now with OVTI enjoying it's due reward there is not much more to comment. The stock is now speaking for it's self. Before, it needed to be defended and that's what we were doing. The longs who held in there when things were tough are feeling pretty good with themselves now. The suffering we endured eventually paid off....NICE!

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