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  • bozomustgo bozomustgo Apr 6, 2006 12:49 PM Flag

    I told you Bozo must go !!!!


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    • Not interested in your political opinions. Get off this board.

    • Why does the law require me to tell you if I live in your neighborhood? Are you suggesting something about me?

      Can't debate the issues - so you resort to impuning my character? How so classically liberal and veal class conbined!

      So you are one of those: I don't know why I believe what I believe but I do - so don't confuse me with facts that might confuse me?

    • absolutely - happy to - pls explain what it is you would like to know - pls put in the the context of being of what it means to be "high and mighty."

      If you want me to expose my identity _ I can work that out - the problem is I am a public figure in my industry and widely quoted around the world. But if you really want to know who I am - if that is what you need - fine. But I will also require to know who you are as well.

    • <<
      As a note there are people on this board who know about you and your nieces...Mr. high and mighty. Why don't you tell them about your "issues"? or is hiding behind that "mask of the internet" better for you now?

      He did. Last night. You will have to wade through it all if you are really interested.

      Meanwhile there is a stock to trade today. Or so I am told.

    • Ah McGee, starting out early are we?

      The market is warming up. Time to play ball.

    • agreed - but having said that - I will be here to confront the disinformation about the issues - much of which is proliferated by the liberal media to get the "5 second sound bite veal class" in this country to do, say and vote the way they want.

      I am not against well reasoned desent or discourse - but it has to reasoanble factual and defensible not just "Bush lied" which is a lie unto itself when used the way it is used without solid evidence that shows the true intent was to disceive - and ignoring all other pertinent info (as the media has done so well.) Like it was all about WMDs...important yes indeed - Very. The only reason articulated for going to war - no and to cast it as such is another lie from the leftist media feeding simple-minded answers to very complex issues which is beyond the attention span of the veal class of the 5 second sound bite.

      Wake up Sheeples.

    • bashers/weak longs try to steer discussions ....stick to OVTI...don't let your eyes off the biggest prize in 2006-2007....ovti $70-100!watch and learn and get off the politics.

    • Gee - How did you go from and observation about France demographic and the potential threat that posses to my being in the KKK.

      How pathetic is you thinking? This is the classic leftist bashing.

      Clearly border security is an issue that threatens our country. I travel ans work widely troughout Latin America and have many friends throughout the region.

      Illegal migration is a threat to our way of life - mostly from an economic stand point by the dilusion of wages, the strain on healthcare and hospital and the strain on our education system.

      One would think the Democratic Party - if they were really true to their colors would be driving this point solidly into the discussion. But where are they?

      A leading republican just yesterday was talking about providing univ health - how do you do this with an open border? Not that I don't want to help people...but let's get real.

      Neither party seems to want to deal with one of the very few things that are actually chartered to do under the US Consititution - and this protect the sovereignity of the US.

      All porblems are solvable once you identify and address the root cause.

      I have nothing again legal migration - provide the migrants want to assimilate and adopt our values. Unfortunately - most Islamics do not believe in women's rights, or religious freedoms or freedom of speech. But I am the KKK guy becauase I am concern about who we let in and why? You are an asshole.

    • what a life you have ~~~ making money on ovti and living the good life in Hawaii!!

      the left coast isnt so bad...

    • I guess my point was that often posts can be misleading and their intent may be to elicit a reactionary reply. That can escalate into a complete off topic exchange or cause people to make missteps in their financial affairs. Witness a previous post toward another poster where I told them to short all they can. Of course i want them to get in a position which could damage them financially.
      My publishing of my ignore list causes others to show their cards. I guess it's that not everything is as it seems, especially on the message boards. "Believe nothing of what you read(hear)and only half of what you see." The post you replied to was a little "Children of the Corn"-ish prose with an underlying meaning.


      Noted. I will state for the record that my exercise was specifically directed to the political diatribes and not to OVTI. Any misinterpretation should be disregarded and redirected to thoughts about the perceived actions of our government and their specific agendas. I found it intriguing that one could call a lie a lie without knowing the truth and reacted accordingly. I should have prefaced the post with a disclosure. I stand duly corrected.

      You are correct though, in your assessment of my intent. I was indeed looking for a reactionary response. When one reacts, one often reveals ones level of cognizance about a given subject. It appalls me sometimes how one can show steadfast conviction with nothing to back it up other than "the news". I'm out until the market closes again. I will, however, complement the MarkRich character for having a well documented basis for his remarks. I also find it interesting that no one has mentioned the India native reared and educated in the US (Stanford, I think) that was contracted by the Iraqis to develop chemical weapons betwixt GWI and GWII. Was that completely ignored by "the news"? Her resume is pretty impressive but it probably won't land her a job any time soon.

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