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    • Google "Laffer's Curve" idiot!!

    • hey bart, don't you realize this person doesn't care about the truth. he cares about his agenda. the guy e-mails and replies to himself through his alter egos. hes probably a college kid regurgitating his professor's garbage. He misses clinton taxes which takes all americans money for the gov't.

    • prezdubyathesupremeidiot prezdubyathesupremeidiot May 16, 2006 3:01 PM Flag

      Tax cuts are the reason for this economy? You are the STUPIDEST poster I've seen in a while.

      The bottom line is that Bush is very good at spending money but couldn't give a rats ass how to actually get the money. What the hell, fob it off on the kids they can't vote anyway.

      It's simple. When Dubya says spend he should say exactly who pays. Troops on the border? Where is the tax? Where is the program that he will imeediately cut (not 5 years down the road but now, in real time)?

      He is a wuss.

    • If you were not a political gadfly and knew anything about the market (remember OVTI) you would, like most of the serious investors on this board, give credit to Bush, the younger, for the booming econony(sanslast week) resulting from the tax cuts for everybody. And since your blinders do not permit seeing anything real, the top 3% pay as much taxes as the other 97%. And guess who got hit the hardest with the latest cuts-the top 3%.

    • prezdubyathesupremeidiot prezdubyathesupremeidiot May 16, 2006 1:41 PM Flag

      Like I said m lamebrain, we are discussing other Pressidents we are discussing the current disasterous one. The one who is violating the constitution by spying on citizens without warrants, coercing the interpretation of WMD data to support his preordained invasion plans, and spending like a drunken sailor without a single friggin veto to try and stem the tide. And all the while curtting taxes for rich folks. Sheesh!

      Since u bring up Clinton let get two relevant comparisons on the table:

      Clinton balanced the budget in real time
      Clinton lied about sex with a fat girl

      Bush2 deficits are creating huge debts for the next (nonvoting) generations
      Bush2 lied about WMDs leading to 1000 American doldier deaths and 10,000 occupation-force injuries.

      In your morally relevant world, it seems that the more egregious sins are committed by Dubya.

      Remember this classic? "Mission Accomplished"

      Get over it, Dubya sucks

    • I'm glad you mentioned oath, since bill was the only president ever to lie under oath.

      remember this classic? "that depends on what your definition of is is...."

      but i'm not getting involved in another drawn out arguement. Go ahead and call me more names but if they are the opposite of what you are, then sign me up for a hillbilly.

    • prezdubyathesupremeidiot prezdubyathesupremeidiot May 16, 2006 1:32 PM Flag

      Here's one for you: Dubya started out on the prex candidate trail with his first act being to pack up all his TX Gov papers and cart them off to Daddy's Prez Library to be put in the back of the cue and unavailable to the Public until 2011. No way for anyone to see what a shitty job he did as Gov. Just a little bit more cowardice for you to chew on.

      p.s. TX newspapers and TZ Atty Genl reported their own indie reserach from secondary sources. Your Right-To-Life prez spent an average of 10-12 minutes per case on death row stay requests. Too bad the papers to corroborate (or refute) this research are locked up in Daddy's woodshed for another 5 years.

      Here is a line from Dubya himself: If Dubya got nothing to hide then why not release them Gov papers now?

    • prezdubyathesupremeidiot prezdubyathesupremeidiot May 16, 2006 1:26 PM Flag

      Got it all wrong pal. Dubya is the problem:

      High crimes (violating the Contitution)
      Political cowardice (no vetoes, hi spending, hi deficits)

      I'm not talking abourt Clinton or Kennedy or any of your diversionary tactics. I'm talking about Dubya (and his puppetmaster, The Dick) and what a bad job they are doing under Oath.

    • you can't fight with this dope. he can't even disguise his other sign-ons better. they are all gw related.

      in his eyes Bush using a program for national security is bad, clinton using echelon to sell business secrets to highest bidder and kennedy using it to spy on Martin luther king is ok.

      cheyney cronie outing one non-active cia person bad, NY times telling our enemies about our whole eavsdropping defense-ok.

      I welcome his posts, he shows the only ammunition he has is name calling.

    • prezdubyathesupremeidiot prezdubyathesupremeidiot May 16, 2006 1:02 PM Flag

      Amen, brother.

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