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  • semiwiz2002 semiwiz2002 Jun 15, 2006 12:18 PM Flag

    15 bagger - re-post

    Hang on to your shares today.

    In the early 90's I rode MCHP from $13 to over $200 (split adjusted). There were at least three 20-30% retracements during that time. Take your breath away!! Many of my friends and neighbors (that I had in the stock) got cold feet and sold early.
    There is almost no other business as profitable as a semiconductor company with a proprietary product. Look at LLTC...they make nearly 40% net after taxes! Their whole product line is sole sourced - proprietary product. There is almost no business that is LESS profitable than a commodity semiconductor manufacturer. Commoditization of the OVTI product line is the off cited concern of some of the nitwit analysts. Wave Front Coding solves that problem.
    OVTI with WFC is even a better case since there will only be a handful of products and maybe hundreds of customers, not ten thousand. Therfore their SG&A will be much less. OVTI will have some of the characteristics of small Intel (before AMD), except that OVTI will not have to chase smaller geometries and the necessary $2.5billion factories. Simple business model: High volume patented proprietary product, $4 billion market, relatively small customer base, medium technology, outsourced fab, low support costs. OVTI will be a very transparent money machine. The patent probably has 12-13 years to run. This one might be better percentage wise gainer than MCHP, LLTC, INTC.
    The story should start playing out tomorrow
    I'm all in. If it doesn't work this way, I have wasted my life in the semiconductor business.

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