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  • semiwiz2002 semiwiz2002 Mar 26, 2007 10:41 PM Flag

    Must Read on OVTI...

    Damn, you sound angry.
    Omnivision shipped 66 million image sensors last quarter. That's nearly 40% of all units shipped!! Their parts can't be complete garbage.

    <#1. Given Imaging of Israel owns 80% of intebation and camera on a pill patents. OVTI has not even productized because they know Given and Micron would go after them. They have done nothing to get any of their solutions for bio/med FDA approval which takes as long as 5 years.>

    This is bullshit. The component mfr doesn't do the FDA approval; the end product guy is responsible for getting the approval and the end customer would be responsible for any infringement problems.

    <#2. cell phones: Micron and St Micro already design wins for EDoF which is obviously a better solution than Wavefront encoding, which many firms rejected two years ago. see>

    EDoF will incur infringement suits by Omnivision if it is ever shipped for revenue. Hard to sue for no loss at the moment. How could anyone have rejected WFC two years ago?? The CDM acquisition was done almost exactly two years ago; WFC didn't exist as a handset product. I do know that WFC has won a very high visibility design just recently.

    <The cell phone market is flattening out and asp's on CIS
    have shrunk 35% within the past year alone. Don't look for cell phones to prop up sensor vendors until true 3G networks are here in the US and elsewhere-read 2008-2009.>

    Well, you have that one right; the dollar market for CIS has been flat for the past 2-3 years. When wafer level lens moves revenue from the module mfr to the silicon mfr and now that there is a viable (WFC) solution for high resolution (3.2MP), thin autofocus cameras, the revenue for 2008 will again explode. This time Omnivision will have a patented position.

    <3. Don't expect Kodak to purchase OVTI. OVTI has nothing Kodak would want. Two loosers, both at least two years behind in design cycles, both fabless and not in control of their own destiny. Only problem is that OVTI does not have one single design win in a slim phone. They can't because the smallest pixel pitch they provide in a sensor is 2.2 micron - one and one-half years behind Sony, Samsung and Micron in deisgn cycle. Micron has 1.7, going to 1.4 this summer - with EDoF from DBlur.
    Kodak has no chance of penetrating the mobile phone market at this late stage. It would be the next worst thing for Kodak since it invested in Matrix Media, what a joke this clown investor is at blogspot. I urge you not to listen to this phoney who knows nothing about this market yhe price like you retailers have in past years with OVTI.>

    I don't know whether Kodak will buy Omnivision or not, but Kodak would certainly have an interest in access to WFC for exclusive use in their own DSCs while licensing that technology to the handset industry...ya think?
    This drivel about fabless being a disadvantage is pure bullshit. Since when is timesharing a world class fab a disadvantage? The silicon part of the process is only a piece of the puzzle, color filters, microlens, wafer level lens, and chip scale packaging are maybe a bigger part of that puzzle.
    Latest part from Omnivision has a 2u pixel, the smallest I know outside of the Micron 8MP part. There is more to pixel design than size...we might be near the limit to how small a pixel can get and still perform. Latest I hear is the Micron has a severe temperature sensitivity problem and is getting kicked out of Apple.

    <4. web cams - again this freak knows nothing about where this market is is moving to HD. That requires 60 FPS. OVTI doesn't have one sensor that can provide 60 FPS in medium res.>

    Wabs cams will be one part that needs to run at 60 FPS...pretty much a design tweek.

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    • Which explains the IPhone rumor at Apple.

      • 1 Reply to sanitasgroup
      • <Which explains the IPhone rumor at Apple.>

        Not a rumor...Actually, on the first burst last Friday, I thought it was leakage of the Apple thing....Then the Kodak buyout rumor came out...I might be getting paranoid, but I think the Kodak story is a ruse...A Kodak buy at $19 stretches credibility (plausible, but???), believing it would certainly limit the damage to the shorts, but a WFC design win at Apple would drive this stock to $50 in a week and absolutely kill some big short hedge funds.
        I would give my left nuggie to know with certainty what is really going on here. I am about 99% sure of the Apple thing...and it is way more important than Kodak.
        On the other hand, the Apple thing is so new that it would certainly affect the amount of an offer from Kodak..if there is one.

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