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  • daveyw43 daveyw43 Mar 2, 2008 1:52 PM Flag

    Can you say True Focus ?

    This should make the rest of the year quite interesting. Will it give OVTI a chance to increase margins and sales while the rest of the industry has to fight for profitability in a competitive and commoditized second tier CMOS sensor market? Maybe MU will have to face the music and shut down their CMOS manufacturing or bring a price for OVTI that Hong will accept. It's going to be a hard wait until the next CC.

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    • I agree. MU was eating OVT's lunch when one gig memory sticks cost a hundred bucks (now you can get 2 gigs for $10). Now that MU is losing $200 million or so each quarter and money is harder to borrow, the future of OVT could not be brighter. Of course, OVTI's stock price and the company unfortunately are not equal.

    • Unfortunately, MU remains a major threat. But I believe some OVT will win out eventually since they are actively going after the 5 mp and 8 mp markets.

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      • Do you ever use a digital camera? Last night when out celebrating a Birthday the camera came out. What a pain waiting for the autofocus and flash. It needed to be reset on several occasions. If the consumer has a point and shoot option with reasonable quality it will sell like a wildfire. I'm sure there will be some that want megapixels that aren't available in the first run Truefocus chips, but that isn't where the majority of consumers are focused.

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