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  • jrm101010 jrm101010 Mar 9, 2008 7:13 PM Flag

    Get A Clue LUCKYONE

    The 50 Day Moving Avg is 13.8616 (We Busted right thru it). The 100 Day Moving Avg is 16.7581 (We Busted right thru it). The only one we haven't yet closed aboved is the 200 Day Moving Avg. It stands at 17.78. If we close above it we are off to the races.

    Learn how to chart before trying to give advice. It's simple logic. How can the 50 Day Moving Avg be 17.12 as you have stated. We have been nowhere near 17 for the last 50 days except for the last couple of trading sessions. Therefore, the 50 Moving Avg is 13.8616 as I have statded above. GET A CLUE, then you may earn some Credibility on this Board. You are Dismissed.

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    • Hey, don't you follow Tony from board to board sucking him off?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh, that's you Tony, you self-fellater.

    • Luckyone- mark me down as a big fan. You do a very nice service to all on the boards. thanks!

    • Look, let me give you a bit of history.

      I got divorced 8 years ago and left my ex with everything as I just wanted to get "out". I left with $5,000 in my pocket and emotionally beaten to a pulp.

      It took me 3 years just to get back on my feet. I did not do any trading during that time as I was busy just trying to survive.

      I re-started my own account back in 2003 with $5,000. It took me two years of building the account up to where I could start taking money out of it. I did this while I was working for another company generating income to live on. Nontheless, I was successful and by 2005 I was able to get rid of the other job and live off of my own trading account. During these past 3 years I have built the account up to over 120,00 and have paid all my living expenses with it as well.

      I started going to message boards in 2005 and simply giving my thoughts on a few stocks and by the end of 2006 I decided to open up my own message board and offer my services to other people. I thought it was a good idea as I was doing what I love and am good at, and perhaps I could generate additional income off of it.

      The idea was slow to take hold as getting people to believe someone else knows what they are doing is not easy. It took many months of providing proof of the knowledge before people started to sign up.

      Now it seems to be taking a life of its own and the idea of getting additional income from doing the same thing I do every day for myself is looking like a good one.

      The profits that people make off of my mentions do not come out of my pocket and the market certainly has much to spare. So, no skin off my back if everyone that signs up for my service makes money. I do the same time, and I am getting paid $27.95 a months for simply putting out a newsletter with all my thoughts and ideas that I am doing for myself. Its a good gig.

      The $27.95 is certainly a low fee for someone getting the information I give. Just two weeks ago a new member joined that said his account was down in one year from 608K to 288K. He sent me an email two days ago that just with 4 mentions of mine in the last week and a half he has already made over 26k. He said the $27.95 fee is the best money he has ever spent.

      I hope this explanation clarifies your doubts. It really is this simple. No hidden agenda. Just one hand washing another. Good business.

    • Agreed

    • I think first of all you need to get some new glasses.

      If you read carefully, I mention MA's on both the daily and weekly charts. The weekly MA's will always be more telling.

      Second of all, I have been reading charts for 30 years and as far as that talent is concerned I can bury anyone that wants to trade jabs with me on charting.

      Last but not least, my charting has paid dividends consistently for me and for those people who have joined the service I provide. Of course, it is also tied in to a sensible trading strategy that incorporates using only 4-1 or better real risk/reward ratios as well as confidence in getting involved at the entry and exit points I mention.

      I have been putting out a weekly newsletter since Jan 1st 2007 where I outline my picks for the week "in advance". Below are the results of all my newsletter mentions. Take special notice at the fact that the figures are not only real but the percentage of profitable trades not necessarily impressive. Nonetheless, take a close look at the end results.

      As far as being dismissed by you, all I can say "so what?".

      Here are the results of all my newsletter mentions for 2007.

      Yearly totals:
      Total amount of trades for the year = 188
      Total amount of different stocks traded = 85
      Total amount of profitable trades = 83
      Total amount of losing trades = 105
      Total amount of months showing profit = 10
      Total amount of months showing loss = 2
      Percentage of trades/mentions profitable = 44%
      Total trades on the long side = 96
      Total profitable trades on the long side = 41
      Percentage of long positions in profit = 42%
      Total trades on the short side = 92
      Total profitable trades on the short side = 42
      Percentage of short positions in profit = 45%
      Total amount gained on profitable trades, per 100 shares = $20,114
      Total amount lost on losing trades, per 100 shares = $7598
      Total amount paid in commissions per 100 shares per mention = $2758

      End result of all trades for the year = Profit of $9758, per 100 shares of each mention

      By the way, you can add to these figures, profits for both January and February of this year totaling already $1810 per 100 shares after losses and commissions have been subtracted.

      Good luck to you, with your attitude you may need it.

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