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  • martinsays2001 martinsays2001 Dec 16, 2010 4:32 PM Flag

    Think about the level of "Channel Checks" inside knowledge

    1. The last ER stated gross margins are up.
    2. Guidance next quarter Up, units sales and revenue YOY numbers.
    3. Known continued gains of higher quality CC's and Pixel counts.
    4. Category leader and Pricing Power do to supply demand, Production.
    5. Noted more Tier 1 OEM's.
    6. Volume Production at highs, ah.... could it be here a leak of "cost numbers" ??

    And to say this in public is did Paul's report get "leaked" too?

    Let me know what your thinking?

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    • Do U think the latest stunt would have happen if JPM known about this ruling?

    • Joseph Contorinis, the former Jefferies Paragon Fund money manager convicted in an insider- trading scheme that prosecutors said netted more than $7 million in illegal profits, was sentenced to six years in prison.

      “This is a crime that does damage to the national economy,” U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan in New York said yesterday as he sentenced Contorinis. “It’s very important to send a message through the sentence imposed on you.”

      “You will become a poster child for what happens,” Sullivan added. He also ordered Contorinis to forfeit as much as $13 million.

      Contorinis was convicted by a federal jury in Manhattan in October of securities fraud and conspiracy. Jurors found that he illegally traded on inside merger tips supplied by Nicos Stephanou, an investment banker who was the government’s chief witness in the trial.

      Prosecutors asked Sullivan to send Contorinis to prison for about 8 years to 10 years, as recommended by U.S. sentencing guidelines. Lawyers for Contorinis, who is in custody, asked for a “significantly” lesser sentence, saying the money manager’s profit from the trades was less than $1 million.

      Life ‘Ruined’

      “His life has been ruined,” Roberto Finzi, a lawyer for Contorinis, told Sullivan. “His relationship with his family has been ruined. His reputation has been ruined.”

      Finzi argued that a sentence of 8 years to 10 years was extreme and said the judge shouldn’t punish Contorinis “for all the others who aren’t caught.” Finzi distinguished insider trading from a Madoff-like Ponzi scheme that costs investors their life savings and said that virtually all of the many thousands of stock trades Contorinis made in his career were untainted.

      Prosecutors said Contorinis had lied at the trial when he testified that he relied on an analyst report for his trades.

      “A message needs to be sent to traders and hedge funds, that you can’t point to analyst reports and paper the file” with documents suggesting the trades were lawful, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Fish said. “People need to understand that when you get caught, they’re going to get punished severely.”

    • I wonder, is this the change Mr. Empty Suit was talking about? LOL

    • Yeah, I was just reading how Peter Orzag is back at Citi from the obama administration, following in his mentor Robert Rubin's footsteps, and he was replaced at OMB by: another Citigroup executive.

    • are did All of "you" just trade on Inside Information?

      because "you" know what was said to me from the company.

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