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  • erickarr Feb 28, 2011 9:13 AM Flag

    Eric Karr personal message

    ski i don't like ovt mgt. they drop the ball a lot they they did w/ wavefront coding, camcubes, and if ziptronixs is right, on bsi too.

    and the 10 to 4 was the tail end of it going from 26 to 4. it was down almost 90% when most stocks didn't even get cut in half. the tina's are the only ones besides me and a few shorts that know how to play the ups and downs of this stock. today will be more overall market window dressing for the month end. and tues, weds, and thurs may be up index activity for the first few days of a new month, but then there's an employment report on friday that i want to see.

    i'll patiently wait for this pos to max out and then i'll consider a short.

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    • You're full of $hit. OVT management is doing a great job.
      The only thing that has been dropped is that you dropped all your marbles a long time ago and you've been bashing OVT for no real or good reason ever since.
      You're nothing more than a board troll and a piece of flotsam in the human race.
      Go back to your hole in the sewer little man. The more you talk the dummer you show yourself to be. Buzz off, shoo, scat.

    • Yeah, they got sold a bucket of crap with the wavefront coding debacle. I'm certain OVTI will become a good short in time but Friday was definitely a trend reversal. Given the massive volume before the CC and after this could get wild today. Good Luck and maybe I'll go short this time also. I don't expect much resistance until 38ish.

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