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  • seriousjust seriousjust Dec 18, 2011 7:50 AM Flag

    reason of dual sourcing (temp) - tsmc / ovti design win

    OVTI/TSMC Likely Obtaining Supply of Sony Sensors (Short Term)

    Hello. Voice from the past. Don't trade OVTI much anymore, but I recognize the names of some of the trader/posters on this Board from what I'll call the relatively "early" days when we all speculated that, at some point, Steve Jobs and the boys in Cupertino would recognize that OVTI has the best CMOS image tech in the world and would sooner or later incorporate OVTI's image capture sensor tech into the "only anticipated at the time" new iPhone.

    Was made aware of the iPhone 4S "phantom" cam module and 8 MP sensor supplier issue while traveling last week. Based on my read of OVTI's CC's, 10Q's and the AAPL financial rumor mill, and after speaking with Asian counterparts I'm working with on other matters, I posted the following earlier this evening as a comment on the Hesseldahl article in All Things D:

    "Omnivision/Taiwan Semiconductor JV has retained the camera module socket in the iPhone 4S. Because Omnivision only introduced its 8830 8 megapixel chip earlier this year, production ramp and yield that take time did not allow Taiwan Semi to manufacture enough OVTI sensors to meet AAPL's initial production deadlines for the 4S. As a result, OVTI/TSMC obtained a "requirements" supply contract from Sony to supply Sony's 8 MP sensor. The sensors are shipped to TSMC and incorporated into the camera module via TSMC's arrangement with Largan, a Taiwan lense craftsman.

    Speculating that the OVTI/TSMC supply contract for the Sony sensors contains a minimum take requirement on sensors and guarantees that over the life of the contract, a certain percentage of the camera modules supplied by OVTI/TSMC/Largan for the iPhone 4S will contain a Sony sensor. Likely the supply contract's guarantee to Sony was 10-50%.

    Total CMOS 8 MP sensors supplied for camera modules in the 4S will approximate 100 MM year over the next 2-3 years (at least until the iPhone 5 -- the "Knowledge Navigator" -- is introduced in late 2012 or early 2013."

    For what it's worth.

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