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  • colie_44875 colie_44875 Mar 16, 2012 9:32 AM Flag


    I think there are 2 main scenarios as to the inventory increase. The first is that Apple told OVTI you screwed us on I-Phone 4S as far as supply goes. So you need to build at least a two months of inventory build for I-Pad if you want to be in it.

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    • 2nd Scenario is that some other supplies is going to launch a new product and OVTI needed to build inventory for Launch. Who could this be ... Maybe it is for new phone from Nokia with Microsoft operating system. Haven't heard when this will be launched. Of the two I would bet on the Apple scenario.

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      • Good post. I keep hoping I'll find a board - ARMH used to be such a one - where one can actually LEARN something ... rather than 5 guesses a day (minimum) as to what the closing price will be that day.

        SO, ... whatcha think about the possibility of split-sourcing? I've been reading (always dicey for a layman), and it's said that Apple consciously split some key component between Toshiba and Samsung (I'm sure of the former, almost of the latter), presumably so as to avoid a bottleneck if (ha) the product roars out of the gate.

        Thus, the teardown had a cutesy - "This unit had a Toshiba chip in that area."

        ... AND WHY, pray tell, does it take the equivalent of an electron microscope to ascertain whether it's OVTI inside?

        Sounds like the teardown artists can deal with adhesives that could probably seal the San Andreas fault. Is the camera embedded in a drop of amber?

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